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PSYCHOSTICK "Cabin Fever Concerts" Raising Money & Raising Spirits!!!! "Cabin Fever Concerts" Live

PSYCHOSTICK "Cabin Fever Concerts" Raising Money & Raising Spirits!

Legendary Comedy Metal Band PSYCHOSTICK has relieved fan anxiety and boredom of social distancing as well as raised money for those fighting this pandemic with a series of FREE, live stream "Cabin Fever Concerts" every Thursday at 5:00 pm EST. In true form, the foursome has and will continue performing and engaging with fans in real time, providing a unique interactive experience!

The Chicago based rockers are also reminding music fans to continue to support bands by listening to streaming services, watching videos on YouTube, and buying merch online to support their favorite bands to ensure we all make it through by fighting back with humor, music, and cautious optimism!!


...and wash your hands...

Psychostick teaches us the importance of avoiding Vomit Tsunamis while announcing FREE ONLINE CONCERTS every Thursday until we can go outside. Cabin Fever Concerts!

Watch Week One (3/20/2020):

Quarantine? More like... BORE-ANTINE! Let us remedy this by playin' some Psychostick & Mariah Carey songs!

Watch Week Two (3/26/2020): 

Psychostick is back with concert #2 of "Cabin Fever Concerts" while we all wait until we can go outside. Sorry for the streaming poo, but it improves at 38:00. The sound should be good throughout! Half of tips go to Project C.U.R.E.

Watch Week Three (4/2/2020):

Psychostick played live on April 2nd, 2020. We experienced a lot of lag in the live stream, so here's a recorded version without all that nonsense - just the usual nonsense we provide every Thursday at 5pm Eastern, 4pm Central. Half of all tips go to the CDC Foundation.

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