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Psychostick Fans Donate Over $10,000 During Weekly Livestreamed Performances to Fight Covid-19!

Psychostick Fans Donate Over $10,000 During Weekly Livestreamed Performances to Fight Covid-19! In a broad act of solidarity, PSYCHOSTICK fans have donated over $10,000 to various medical charities over the past 9 livestreamed "Cabin Fever Concerts" to fight Covid-19! As the world crisis continues, the legendary metal comedy band also plans to continue raising money for various charities every Thursday at 4pm central, and fans can continue to participate on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook! The band also encourages other bands and musical acts to livestream to their fans to bring them peace of mind through music--and to use their platforms to raise money to help the many organizations fighting this pandemic--and fans to support all of their favorite bands and musicians through watching their livestreams and tipping, buying merch, and donating!

The charities receiving donations include: Combating COVID-19 Fund Project C.U.R.E. CDC Foundation Doctors Without Borders COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund International Rescue Committee Direct Relief & Center for Disaster Philanthropy COVID-19 Response Fund. "At first, our fans were showing up to have a good time and take their mind off their stresses. Soon after, they ended up finding that they have power... they can kick this virus right in its damn corona. We would set a goal. Then they would hit it. Then next week we'd set another goal. Then they'd hit that. Then the next week we'd set ANOTHER goal, then they would hit THAT. That for 9 weeks straight. Then we break the $10k mark. Having my mind blown on a regular basis like this is emotionally exhausting... in a good way." - Josh

"It's incredible that our fans are able to not only keep our silly band going, but to also directly contribute to helping fight the good fight! I hope to help out other bands as well by providing some sort of guidance on how to stream their own online concerts!" - Rob

"It’s beyond awesome to see people from all over the world come together digitally to let loose and forget about the world for a couple hours. It’s become the high point of my week and the thing I look forward to. Who knew Thursday afternoon could be so satisfying?! After touring for 10+ years it’s nice to rock IN for a change! Quarantine Shmarantine. It’s safe, you don't have to worry about parking, and you don't have to give Ticketmaster a kidney and spleen. ITS FREE! haha suck it Live Nation!" - Matty

"There are well over a million charities out there that we could choose to support, and some are obviously better run and more effective than others. To make sure the funds our fans so generously donate actually make a difference, we research and vet each and every one before moving forward to feature them on our livestreams. Rest assured, these are the best of the best. Besides, it is hilarious for a band known for songs about beer and tacos to be associated with some of the most illustrious organizations in the world." - Alex

Watch Past Episodes of PSYCHOSTICK's Cabin Fever Concerts Online:

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