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PurEnvY releases new album Redemption

PurEnvY have just released their crushing new album Redemption - 8 tracks of strong riffage & great guitar melodies throughout the album with no filler on this release.

PurEnvy hail from the steel city of Newcastle, NSW and have been perfecting their craft for many years, attracting a loyal following along the way. Fusing elements of speed and thrash metal, along with harmonies and melody reminiscent of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, this band crosses many genres and appeals to a wide range of heavy music fans.

After their first full-length album As the Light Fades (2013), PurEnvyset about developing and refining their style and are set to release their second album Redemption. Along the way, they have been honing their live performances up and down the East Coast of Australia, maturing in professionalism and stagecraft to develop an electric and entertaining stage presence.

PurEnvY are:  Adam Kiefel - Vocals  & Guitars  Josip Malkoc - Vocoals & Guitars  Zac Swan - Drums  Dave Lewsam - Bass 


1. Deception 06:34 2. Hollow 07:22 3. Embodied By Dust 06:00 4. End Of Days 05:53 5. Blood Of The Innocent 06:22 6. March To Our Grave 05:40 7. Redemption 05:52 8. Forsaken 06:44 

Embodied By Dust 

Official Lyric Video

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