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Ravive Releases New Single “Cry About It”

Ravive Releases New Single “Cry About It”

Pop's grunge-girl Ravive has released her new single, "Cry About It," available on all digital platforms NOW. Ravive drips in dominance on “Cry About It”. The song is filled with a sinister edge, and holds a staggering, dramatic energy that will have listeners screaming in their bedrooms. The edgy-pop, yet alt-fused nature of “Cry About It” is more than autobiographical - it's confessional. Ravive's lyrics add an extra layer of maturity to her brand of grunge-y pop, and give listeners a wide landscape of synth sounds. About the song, Ravive states:

“Cry About It” is unlike any other Ravive song so far, and I love that. It has this particularly gloomy energy, I got to be sinister. The other songs I’ve released so far have all been very moody, quite serious. This one is too, but it has a certain sense of unholiness that I felt was a cool fit for the next single. It can mold into anyone’s story.

Ravive is an anxious soul. She is emboldened, a breath of hot, desert air. An ethereal fusion of breathy pop and synthesized melancholia, Ravive is writing her own story of revitalization. After spending years touring nationally as the lead vocalist of an alt rock band, she is embracing evolution, eeriness, and reflection. Fueled by Diet Dr. Pepper and extensive therapy, Ravive’s experimental sonic blend is simply an audible showing of where she’s been. An experimental phantom for your ears, Ravive toys with her inner darkness to create a hypnotic, synthpop smoothie.

Ravive - "Cry About It"


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