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REAL WORLD Rocker ANDRE COMEAU Releases New Single "WANT YOU TO HURT" + Official Music Video

ANDRE COMEAU - "Want You To Hurt" Official Music Video:

Clean Break buy/stream link:

Andre Comeau released his new single "Want You To Hurt" to all major platforms along with the official music video.

Andre Comeau follows up his critically acclaimed Wrong Within EP with a brand new album, Clean Break---a straight-no-chaser collection that proves rock is definitely not dead… It just needed a favorite son to return to the fold.

Born in 70’s-era Detroit to a family of touring musicians, Andre grew up steeped in all genres of music. Possessed with an instinctual sense of melody and dynamics, Andre has music in his blood.

Andre’s band Reigndance---which also featured Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age, The Dead Weather) ignited but quickly outgrew the burgeoning Detroit music scene of the early 90’s. Shortly after relocating to New York, Andre was chosen to be a cast member of MTV’s seminal reality show, The Real World. The show was an instant success; Andre and his band were afforded massive exposure. After three records and extensive touring, Reigndance found themselves at a creative crossroads. They dis-banded in 1997.

Andre relocated to Los Angeles in search of fresh stimuli and new musical landscapes. The 2000s found Andre returning to the folk music of his youth with River Rouge. They released a handful of well received albums and became a highlight of the Los Angeles club scene, but disbanded in 2016.

In 2020, Comeau connected with Hard Rock staple EMP LABEL GROUP to release the Wrong Within EP—to positive reviews and substantial national airplay at rock radio. On Wrong Within, Andre returned to his musical roots, fronting a heavy rock band with veteran session musicians Darren Elpant on drums and Gary Wicks on bass.

With the pandemic related shutdown of bars and clubs dashing any touring to support Wrong Within, Andre and the band immediately returned to the studio to begin working on the follow up album.

In January of 2021, production began on Real World Homecoming New York, bringing the original cast back together for a miniseries on the brand new Paramount Plus streaming network and MTV. The show heavily features Andre’s music and provides a huge new platform where he performs over half a dozen songs including tracks from the forthcoming album, Clean Break.

In March of 2021, the show launched to overwhelmingly positive reviews with massive press. Andre and the cast are currently featured in NY Times, People Magazine, Time Magazine, Variety, and The Hollywood Reporter, naming just a few.

Armed with a successful new TV show and a brand new album to support, Andre and the band are looking forward to hitting the road in 2022.

Toeing the line between classic and cutting edge, Comeau proves that guitar-rock can still be vital, original, and relevant in 2021. Hard, sexy and thought-provoking---Andre Comeau’s music seizes the listener above and below the belt.

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