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Red City Radio Release Live Video for "In the Meantime..."

Punk rock group Red City Radio released a live performance video for their track "In the Meantime..." on YouTube today. The performance is one of several from their most recent release thus far "Paradise" that composes their upcoming live album "Live at Gothic Theatre", which releases May 6, 2022 via Pure Noise Records.

Red City Radio commented on their track choice, "What can we say about this track besides it's about all we did during COVID quarantine –we're sure most can relate!– smoked weed and played our M f-ing guitar! Also a fan favourite, this one is fun for us and represents RCR to the core."

"I really pushed for us to do the live show because RCR has always been a very fan engaged/accessible band, and after almost two years away ( due to COVID) it was important for us to give our fans a little love - especially after 7 months of silence following the release of our new album 'Paradise'," guitarist Ryan Donovan added about why the group is releasing their live album. "We are spread out over North America - Oklahoma, California, and Canada - so we were at the mercy of travel restrictions or else we would have done a live stream sooner. We felt it was worth the effort and ultimately glad it was able to come together when it did - even if we were a little late to the live stream party when it officially streamed in June 2021."

"Live at Gothic Theatre" is now available for pre-order through the Pure Noise Records online store. Watch the "In the Meantime..." performance and check out the tracklist and album art below:


1. Where Does The Time Go (Live)

2. Baby of the Year (Live)

3. Electricity (Live)

4. Two out of Three Ain't Rad (Live)

5. Gutterland (Live)

6. Rebels (Live)

7. 100,000 Candles (Live)

8. Paradise (Live)

9. In The Meantime... (Live)

10. Apocalypse, Please! (Live)

11. Love a Liar (Live)

12. In The Shadows (Live)


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