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Rising from the UK metal underground, Jackal's Backbone release their crushing debut album


Over the course of their five year existence Jackal’s Backbone have released two EPs, a live album and no fewer than five singles; but now the time has finally arrived for their full length, studio album debut – and it has definitely been worth the wait. Sounding tougher and grittier than ever before, Jackal’s Backbone are ready to present ten tracks of extreme heavy metal, armed to the teeth with vicious riffs and radiating defiance, all under the title of Red Mist Descending.

Noted for their fierce, high intensity live performances at festivals like Bloodstock Open Air and Beermageddon (where they recorded their 2018 live album), Jackal’s Backbone have managed to create a studio album that bites down even harder. The hellhound vocals of intimidating front woman Beccatron snarl and rage over the machine gun riffs and relentless drum assault as the songs charge from the speakers, determined to destroy. It’s a case of ‘get on board or get out of the way’ as headbanging tracks like ‘Hand That Feeds Hypocrisy’ and ‘Dead Prey’ threaten to steamroller you into the dirt. Complete with some stunning, war torn artwork to compliment its potent blend of real heavy metal, thrash metal aggression and death metal power, Red Mist Descending simply will not be denied.

On December 10th the red mist will descend and the intent and conviction that drive this band will become clear to all. Jackal’s Backbone are here to stay and there will be no surrender. It’s death or victory and the war starts here!

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