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Rock Dance Theatre announces special Halloween indoor shows for "Back to Basics" Tour 2021

Rock Dance Theatre announces special Halloween indoor show dates for "Back to Basics" Tour 2021

Rock Dance Theatre led by physical front woman, rock choreographer and performer Anna Achimowicz will be performing two special “Rebel Crush” Halloween club shows with Vincent von Grotesque as a part of her 2021 “Back to Bass-ics” Tour 2021

30.10 Rebel Crush Halloween show, X-Demon - Wrocław Club, Breclau/PL with Vincent von Grotesque 31.10 Rebel Crush Halloween show, P1 Club , Polzin/PL with Vincent von Grotesque

* Tickets and more information at local venue. December 11-12.12.2021 Winter Warsaw Fantasy Fair, Poland *More dates and updates to be confirmed on

REBEL CRUSH also known as stage artist Anna Achimowicz is a new metal solo project by physical front woman, perfomer, choreographer and bass player founded by Anna Achimowicz herself.

Feeding from over 20 years of international stage creation. Launched in April 2021 as a poli-ameri-swedish collaboration and fresh creative endeavour, currently crushing the boundaries between a wide spectrum of metal music and physical theatre.

be patient Get crushed A new solo project by Anna Achimowicz

How is the Rebel Crush project different from Rock Dance Theatre?

My shows have been always specific with its complexity, the fashion, the aesthetics, the soundscape and interaction of elements of various arts. Thats why when I founded Rock Dance Theatre I knew I wanted to marry the 3 key ingredients that make me tick most in life. Physical contemporary dance, original fashion and rock n roll. Rebel Crush is a natural evolution from that, crushing the borders between metal, a physical stage show and fashion but in a rexier and more refined way if you will.

It’s definitely raw and dynamic as my style tends to be, but with Rebel Crush I found a new balance of the set, pre-choreographed and directed elements with spontaneous improvisation and elements that always happen on the fly when confronted with each stage, each audience and line up quite honestly. Rebel Crush being a politician-ameri-swedish project has international key components creating it. Even more so every stage show is different. Besides no presentation and interaction is ever the same in a live show setting, especially when it comes to a rebellious, blood stirring and energetic expression that is my language to communicate.

Rock Dance Theatre - Anna Marika Achimowicz & Team

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