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Rock Dance Theatre choreographer on Lockdown creates LIVERock meeting Podcast with music legends

Choreographer on Lockdown creates LIVE Rock meeting Podcast with music legends Rock Dance Theatres performer Anna Achimowicz puts together a NEW creative meeting platform integrating internationally artists from the Rock, Metal and Performance World

Born in Poland, raised in San Diego California, and a self-claimed “citizen of Europe” Anna Achimowicz, a performing professional currently grounded in Poland with her shows and professional engagements creates a LIVE Rock meeting Podcast with music legends driven by her love and passion for Rock & Metal music. Anna is first and far most a choreographer, dancer and artist director of the rock hybrid, working freelance under the name of Rock Dance Theatre. Anna founded Rock Dance Theatre in Sweden 4 years ago, but has been actively creating on stage ever since she was a kid, and 2020 marks her 20th year anniversary. A LIVE talk and interview series initially being a driving force for human contact in quarantine restrictions led her to a development start of “just a conversation” into covering a bit behind the scenes of Rock Dance Theatre history, artists involved in her projects, inspirations, but especially documenting interesting artists and their stories in the field of Rock and Metal worldwide. The meetings are supposed to inspire, entertain but also sustain the legacy of invited guests for the future. Anna says: “I stared this LIVE interwiew thing a couple of years back actually as “33 minutes with Anna Achimowicz - The Stage Talk - 33 minutes with Anna Achimowicz” round 2015/2016 just to kill time between shows and being on the road. Interviews a couple of friends in the performing arts business like Johannes Randolf and Bettina Schaeffer of American Ballet Theatre, but never really did more with it” Years later, ironically the COVID-19 pandemic has created time and space for storytelling that evolved into Rock Dance Theatre LIVEstream meetings with Guests.

About Rock Dance Theatre: [PL/AT/SWE] Rock Dance Theatre aka, Anna Achimowicz a freelance and hybrid power performance. Rock Dance Theater was created in 2017 in Sweden. It's the fusion of contemporary dance, live guitar music and visual fashion and styling. Originally created by the dancer and choreographer Anna Marika Achimowicz and multi-instrumentalist Viktor J. Kuznetsov. The main initiator is Anna, creating freelance for the last 20 years stage performances and mix arts projects. RDT has been joined by artists: Peter Sager, Luis Kalil, Vivi Lundström, in 2018 Jacek Wazelin and 2019 fashion designer and percussionist Marcin Urzędowski as PREPOSTEVOLUTION. One of the first creative RDT projects being a completely new stage phenomenon, a hybrid show where dancers and musicians are interactively connected with each "On Edge", "Strings n Veins" and "Tribute to Rock n Roll" presented to Poland and Europe and supported by Eric Dover (USA) as an honorary RDT patron, co-directed and choreographed music videos “Temptations”, “Satiric Tango”, “Crystal Meth Pie”, performed together with Stagman ( Sweden), made a debut to Ryan Roxies “The Uh-Oh Song” premiering in Europe off his solo album. Annas shows and projects are interactive, experimental and bring multiple arts on stage together, the post apocalyptic side of RDT created “Fire and Blood”, “Steam, Drums n Dance”, “Esfinge de la Muerte” presented in Spain, Sweden and Poland. Rock Dance Theatre is also a part of Cult of Chrome, and international association for post apocalyptic dark artists in metal music and fashion. RDT strongly works in cooperation with artists from the musical milieu, theatre or even film strongly promoting Rock and Metal in various circles thru fields of expressions like: workshops, appearances, jam sessions, photo shoots, podcasts. In Rock Dance Theatre it’s all about Rock and everything that is associated with it. Anna is also a founder of an interactive jam - session series “Dance Me-World Wednesday” and “DANCE ME_ROCK ME” that was supposed to premiere 29.04.2020 Necessity is the mother of invention, and since we are all currently unable to perform or teach with full human contact at evens, festivals and shows, the digital world comes to the rescue. “Rock Dance Theatre LIVEstream Meetings” are broadcasted online on the Rock Dance Theatre official YouTube Channel on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays 7:00 PM CET (Central European time) , 1 PM EDT, 10:00 AM PST Unless scheduled differently depending on her guest time availability. Rock Dance Theatre official YouTube Channel Podcast preview Previously aired episodes available here: Rock Dance Theatre - LIVEstream meetings EPISODE #6 Guest: DECAYDEAD

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