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Rock Dance Theatre performing in PREPOSTEVOLUTION post-apocalyptic fashion brand in Vienna.

Fusion of elements has been known to human kind as well amongst oldschool rockers starting an comletely new era of music....

The creative aspect of transforming elements and sometimes taking their meaning and daily function. To some its already misuse, to others a second or third life, given by its creator? What are we talking about today? Definitely not just one fusion and not one element.

Rock Dance Theatre, an interactive rock collective from Europe, whos' leader instead of a vocalist is a professional dancer and choreographer.

Anna has recently celebrated her 2nd anniversary with Rock Dance Theatres existance on 17.05.2019, so did Prepostevolution but just a day earlier on 16.05.2017, its a symbolic date, because the first events taking place in forming Rock Dance Theatre have been already present in march 2016...That is another interesting story to we promise to cover another time...

On 25.05.2019 Anna Achimowicz the artistic director of RDT will be guest performing in Vinna, as a special guest of Zawinul "Z" Music Awards and with a very special image. The event is not coincidental, the host and oragnizer Tony Zawinul, has started a collaboration with Anna Achimowicz end of 2017 while shooting a dance / music video "Temptation" bringing his music composition to another level, incorporating physical contemporary dance, that Anna was choreographing specifically for the surrouding and aesthetic of the video. That was the first encounter that led to the music videos premiere on the wide screen of Porgy & Bess Club in Vienna during last years "Z" Music Awards where Anna and Rock Dance Theatre were also a part of the live program.

This year celebrates a fusion of thwo other remarkable artists. Marcin Urzedowski, an improviser and professional percussionist is also the founder of PREPOSTEVOLUTION fashion brand which stared collaborating closely with Rock Dance Theatre since the beginning of 2019.

PREPOSTEVOLUTION is a very strong and powerful fashion brand where its costumes are made for recycling materials, trash, metal junk, animal bones, old weapons or music instruments, all to be transformed into a living visual paintings.

Photographer: Marcin Ciepieniak Photography

Anna and Marcin have been a part of a bunch of big projects together, creading among others one of the biggest awant garde fashion shows in Polish sping this year, "Fire  & Blood" where Marcin Urzedowski was the author of over 20 complex costumes that came alive on stage by the hands of Anna Achimowicz choreographing the whole performance as well as creating a lead guitar sound scape for the show, along with Marcin on percussive instruments.

This interdisciplinary work doesnt end here, Rock Dance Theatre & PREPOSTEVOLUTION  have shot a music video together under the same title, that is still to be premiered in the 1/2 half of 2019. A new interdisciplinary loud, provocative and futuristic rock fashion show entitled "Psycho Dolls" that is currently in production.

Anna and Marcin are bringing the "Zawinul Z Music Awards" to the next level this year in Vienna, not only incorporating live music and dance together, which is still a unique combination. In 2019 the world in Austria and viennese viewers with witness a specil performance by Rock Dance Theatre performing in a custom and specially hand made post-apocalyptic costume made by Prepostevolution.

Marcin Urzędowski - An artist improviser, mainly connected to rhythm and post-apocalyptic fashion.

Marcin develops and elevates his art of improvisation on stage, in music concerts as well as fashion shows designed by himself, taking the performance experience to another level

PREPOSTEVOLUTION is a trashion brand born in 2017, where Marcin creates costumes and accessories from recycling materials and trash. His fashion atelier is a self called “trash clinic” where unneeded objects are given a second life and turned into works of art. Since twenty years Marcin is also connected to the club scene, playing and improvising with percussive instruments, creating a hybrid of mechanical music and a percussive live act. He worked with such club music artists as: Miss Mavrik, Michael Canitrot, Federico Scavo, Nikki Nice, Hanna Hansen.

Constantly searching for new sound and tone, maker of unconventional, and recycled percussion instruments he admires the most tribal african music, contemporary percussive improvised music, jazz and percussive theatre. As Prepostevolution’s fashion brand, Marcin connects natural tribal elements like shamanic masks, seashells, bones and teeth together with industrial waste products, blades, screws, making fashion envisioning the end of the world with a dose of shamanism.

Photographer: Jan Szabelski

We woud like to invite You not to miss this special event.

Performance will take place at: Porgy & Bess Jazz Club, Vienna Austria

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