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Rock Dance Theatre's physical front woman Anna Achimowicz announces ' No More Blood or Tears'

Physical front woman Anna Achimowicz announces live stream event series of untold origin stories narrated in person as a part of Rock Dance Theatre 4th Anniversary in 2021. Chapter II taking place on 29.04.2021.

No More Blood or Tears

The untold origin story behind Rock Dance Theatre. As a part of Anna Achimowicz - RDT’S 4th Anniversary dates from March 26th onwards as online virtual events.

Being a born overnight hybrid, a rock performance, fusing electric bass & guitar driven music, physical dance theatre, and visual fashion, was created by physical front woman and choreographer Anna Achimowicz in Stockholm, Sweden. Initially in march 2016 under the very influence of “Dream On” by Aerosmith and especially Joe Perry’s guitar playing, later to be named Rock Dance Theatre since July 30th 2017 onwards, which was an Alice Cooper night on his ‘Paranormal Tour’ as well as a day right after my mothers birthday as Anna say's.

Anna shares some in depth details of the first years of forming RDT, it's early development and successes as well as missteps. To a life in a world crippling pandemic only to come out and thrive on the other side. Where the symbolic 'Blood & Tears" are no more and it's time get Back to BASS-ics in reinventing as an intependent artist, pioneer, and self proclaimed Rock-hybrid act of the XXII-nd century.

IVE stream will take place on TwitchTV and YouTube in four chapters on the following dates:

March 26th April 29th ( CHAPTER II ) May 31st ( CHAPTER III ) June 28th ( CHAPTER IV )

Tune in LIVE with ANNA ACHIMOWICZ of ROCK DANCE THEATRE on 29.04.2021 8:00PM CET / 11:00 AM PST ( CHAPTER II )

The ’No More Blood or Tears’ untold origin stories will be a series of narrated live stream chapters in March, April, May, June celebrating this years 4th birthday, leading into July 29th, when the actual name has been publicly announced in the city of its origin Stockholm, Sweden. Get a chance to join for a Q&A with Anna Achimowicz during the LIVE broadcast on @rockdancetheatre social media channels. *dates subject to change Tune in LIVE with ANNA ACHIMOWICZ of ROCK DANCE THEATRE on 29.04.2021 8:00PM CET / 11:00 AM PST

Other streaming links to follow Facebook event Donation button:

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