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Rockshots Records: In / Vertigo To Release EP "Sex, Love & Chaos" July 2020 + Music Video 'The Night

Rockshots Records: Out Now! Calgary's In/Vertigo New EP "Sex, Love & Chaos" New Music Video 'Take It"

Out Now! as of July 17th, Rockshots Records presents Calgary hard rockers In/Vertigo's debut EP "Sex, Love and Chaos". The four-song record portrays In/Vertigo's intensity, drive, and relentless ear drilling musical expressions. It's a result of their sound, says the band, "Sexy, Passionate and Chaotic. All the songs represent these three things in one or more ways. We want to get their hearts pumping, and veins throbbing. We want to be the soundtrack to your sex life, social life, your highs, your lows, and your deepest introspective moments." In celebration of the EP's release, the band is sharing their new music video for the track "Take It" HERE. The band explains the track:

"This was one of the first songs we wrote as a band, it has stood the test of time because it best represented early on where we were going musically. We have recorded 3-4 versions of this track leading us to this final version. The song deals with confidence in leaving a shitty situation and moving on with one's self. " Formed in 2016, the quartet delivers relentless, memorable performances at the jet engine decibels of a Boeing 747. Consisting of vocalist Reed Alton, guitarist Shaddy Elsaghir, bassist Duncan McCartney, and drummer Keaton Byfield, the band has already made a mark for itself touring and constantly gigging around Western Canada. Performing high profile gigs with international acts such as Diamond Head, Age Of Electric, Pop Evil, The Wild!, The Lazy's has proven the band as young pros, still hungry for bigger stages and even bigger crowds.

Their self-titled demo, recorded under Ronnie Champagne (Alice In Chains, Janes Addiction, Social Distortion) had a limited run of 500 and subsequently sold out. Their four-song debut EP promises to be a rude awakening in the current hard rock drought.

In/Vertigo is the quintessential rock n' roll act, who comes in with a sonic molotov cocktail of sound, aimed at the music world who unapologetically thirsts for classic/hard rock. "Sex, Love and Chaos" is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major digital platforms HERE. Music Video 'The Night' here. Music Video - 'Bad Enemy' here.

Track Listing:

1. Chains

2. Bad Enemy

3. The Night

4. Take It EP Credits:

-All music, lyrics, and songs were written and recorded by In/Vertigo.

-Produced by Kirill Telichev & In/Vertigo, at the Sound Priory.

-Mixed and edited by Kirill Telichev.

-Engineered by Kirill Telichev. “Take It” partially engineered by Kirill Telichev and  Ronnie Champagne at Ghost Iron Studios.

-Pre-production for “Chains” by Reed Shimozawa.

-Mastered by Dan Dubois, at Schematic Sounds. For more info:

In/Vertigo was founded in the spring of 2016 by local Calgary rock veterans Shaddy Elsaghir and Duncan McCartney who had got in contact with local vocalist Reed Alton. After jamming with a few drummers they found their fourth quarter in Keaton 'Keystone' Byfield through a reliable recommendation. The quartet immediately found chemistry through both musical and personal commonly related beliefs and goals. Thus creating a tubules force that would wreak havoc throughout Western Canada for the next few years.

Through hard work, relentless ethic, and determination, I/V was able to cement themselves as rock and roll staples within their hometown of Calgary and the rest of the western Canadian provinces. They soon started to open up for bigger named acts such as Diamond Head, Pop Evil, The Wild!, The Lazy's to name a few, and gaining even more attention and accolades.

Around the rise and constant momentum that the band had been accumulating in 2017, the group recorded a 4 song demo with Ronnie S Champagne (of Alice In Chains, Janes Addiction fame) that sold out a limited print both locally and regionally within the year. By 2018 they recorded a cut of what will be their debut EP: Sex Love & Chaos. This was again a limited print that sold out both within their own homegrown territory and abroad. Backed by a self-financed music video for their song Bad Enemy the band was able to constantly tour and gig nonstop over the next 2 years reaching upwards of 350 shows.

After the success locally and online of Bad Enemy (which had been streamed over 200,000 times on Spotify alone), In/Vertigo was reached out and acquired to perform at the 4th of July festival in Deerfield Beach, Florida in 2019. This marked the first international gig for the Canadian hard rockers, who did not disappoint, performing in front of 3 thousand to a great reception and success.

Due to the snowball effect that had been a product of the band's efforts, In/Vertigo was signed to Italian heavy metal and hard rock label Rockshot Records. This, along with the momentum that the band has continuously upheld, paves way for the answer in the global market of Hard Rock and Rockn' Roll: In/Vertigo.

Now currently completing their revamped and polished debut EP Sex Love & Chaos, In/Vertigo along with their label and ever-growing team, set out to launch the next great chapter in rock history. Make way for most up and coming quintessential Rock n Roll act of this generation. They are hungry and armed with a sonic Molotov cocktail of sound, aimed at the music world who unapologetically thirsts for classic/hard rock.

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