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Romania’s The Boy Who Cried Wolf Breathe Secret Wars Through Music Video “Bellicose”

Romania’s The Boy Who Cried Wolf Breathe Secret Wars Through New Music Video “Bellicose”

Video Premiere via IDIOTEQ

New Album “Bellicose” Out Now!

“Bellicose” is the sonic representation of furious anger aimed at the clashing worlds that keep colliding onto us, turning us into feral beasts, nurturing the darkest of wishes, bidding serenity a sickening farewell. It is the title track of the 2020 album from Romania’s The Boy Who Cried Wolf and they are now presenting it in video form.

According to the band, “Bellicose” was recorded back in 2018, but it was such an anthemic song for them, that they included it twice on the album, in both electric and acoustic versions where it boosts the overall theme, “the rage that can rise up inside each and every one of us”. They further explain the meaning behind the song:

“It’s a renewed struggle to face off the world of the living by singing about our dead hopes and tribulations. The only salvation anyone really has, when they’re a kid trapped in an adult body, trying to be a citizen of the world or even a society, is the inspiration to create such worlds where you can be the victor or at least be honest with yourself, by screaming your fears, anger, and frustration out loud.”

The Boy Who Cried Wolf makes angry music they claim is medicinal for them, and they hope it will be like a pill to swallow for fans when they feel like they have lost their grip on serenity. The band is heavy-hitting hardcore recommended for people who enjoy processing their problems through music and fans of Every Time I Die, Cancer Bats, and Brand New.

Watch the video for “Bellicose” via its premiere on IDIOTEQ HERE.

The album “Bellicose” was released on December 12, 2020 and available at

Track Listing: 1. Intro (2:09) 2. Bellicose (Acoustic) (2:57) 3. Ghostriders II (1:34) 4. Cloak & Bladder (2:25) 5. Saturnine (2:15) 6. Swarms (1:59) 7. The Night After (4:38) 8. In Midnight Clad (4:23) 9. The March feat Zda (2:54) 10. It Makes Waves (3:04) 11. Vengeance Of (4:15) 12. Selina, The Years Have Not Been Kind (2:40) 13. Bellicose (Electric) (3:44) 14. Balada Bormasinii (Hidden Track) (4:55) For more info: EPK


The Boy Who Cried Wolf started when two local bands (CHESTER and Breathelast) from Bucharest collided. Bogdan Purghel “Bacovia” (guitar/bass/vocals) and Mihai Ionut Andrei (vocals) reached out to drummer Alexandru Guta (PZFI, Backstage Hero) to give it a sincere go at writing wild and fast-paced music that would satiate their primal desires. They are heavily inspired by old-school metal combined with hardcore and punk vibes although other sounds may occur.

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