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Rue Vox Single/Video "River"


Rue Vox debuts single/video "River" with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves.

Delivering a rare, but true rendition of another artist's song is sometimes challenging to handle. However, there are times when the utmost respect is given and a song becomes a new piece all its own from the very start. Such is the case of the "River" (Bishop Briggs) cover enveloped by the sultry soulful rocking vocals of the artist Rue Vox. "River" flows as if it were meant to be Rue's all along. There are times when you close your eyes, you can taste all the influences come beating through every note, rhythm, and melody as they are caressed by Rue's commanding voice. "River" is a delectable introduction to what Rue Vox is bringing to us in the ensuing months ahead. Working closely with Brian Steele Medina of Gemini Syndrome, Rue Vox has created an expressive moving modern track that takes the listener on a journey.

This song perfectly encapsulates the juxtaposition of love and hate and how quickly each can turn into the other. I absolutely adore Bishop Briggs’ modern soulful sound and wanted to sing this song ever since I first heard it! I just wanted to make sure I did it justice; It’s a favourite of mine! When working with Brian, the song just seemed to take on a life of its own and it slowly evolved into a cool electro alt-rock sound."- Rue Vox

Video: Director- Shane O'Neal Cinematographer- Deed DeBruno, both of SONS Studios in Las Vegas. Song recorded at Las Vegas Analog Descent Studios, Produced by Brian Steele Medina and Mixed by Nikka Bling

The stunning passion in her vocals, and sensationally dynamic sound, is the natural result of Rue Vox always having had a strong connection to music & a true desire to entertain. Growing up in Detroit, she learned the roots of classical styles at first, and it wouldn’t be long after that she started winning competitions as a teenager, as Rue began to discover & refine the pure power & potential of her remarkable vocal range. Making a pivotal decision to move to Las Vegas and pursue her dreams of stepping into the spotlight – Rue confidently started the most exciting chapter of her story to-date. Bursting onto the local scene like a supernova, with breathtaking vocals & a brilliant hybrid sound of her own that explores the wild depths of Rock/Pop/Industrial – Rue’s undeniably edgy style instantly got the buzz surrounding her music going strong. Able to deliver the most delicate of melodies with precision & heart, to the most extreme hard-hitting moments designed to take her vocals to the limits & beyond – Rue’s astounding voice is every bit as captivating as it is charismatic. Launching her official debut in 2020 with the release of two incredible covers & currently working on brand-new originals with the A-list assistance of producers Brian Steele Medina (Gemini Syndrome) and Nikka Bling (In This Moment, Five Finger Death Punch) – Rue Vox is ready to seize the momentum and surge straight to the tops of charts & playlists worldwide, where she truly belongs.

Rue Vox Youtube

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