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SANITARY GLAM: Celebrity Makeup Artist Jen Farhood Specializes In No Contact Airbrush Make up

SANITARY GLAM: Celebrity Makeup Artist Jen Farhood Specializes In No Contact Airbrush Make up In COVID-19 Era My name is Jen Farhood, and I’ve spent over two decades glamorizing thousands of faces across the globe. I’ve worked with some of Hollywood’s most famous, including Kim Kardashian and Olivia Newton-John (to name a few), who have trusted me to provide them with the most sanitary experience while doing their makeup. A few years into my career, I heard there was a way to apply makeup by using an airbrush. The fact that there is virtually no cross contamination because you’re not re-using product, and single use, no contact application was very appealing to me. I knew my clients would love it! A few months later, I became certified in New York City by Dina Ousley, creator of the DINAIR Airbrush Makeup System. After I had mastered the technique, Dina hired me to apprentice her to teach the class to other students and makeup artists. Only air and makeup touch your skin, creating the most sanitary, germ-free, hypoallergenic experience. I can literally apply a full face of makeup while having extremely limited contact, if necessary. Little did I know how crucial these skills would become, considering the fragile state of crews on production jobs across the country right now.   Talk Show Host/Actress Kelly Rippa was a guest on ABC TV’s ‘The View,’ and gushed about how much she loved having her makeup airbrushed every day, and how efficient it was.  A few weeks later, I appeared as a guest on The View to follow up that segment, demonstrating examples of airbrush makeup for beauty, spray tan and body paint.  One model walked on set topless wearing nothing but the shirt I airbrushed onto her torso! Airbrush makeup is the number one choice on the red carpet because it’s like a live Instagram filter for your face! It is fast, flawless looking and lasts up to 20 hours, deep into the after hours parties.  I’ve airbrushed makeup onto hair to touch up my clients roots before an appearance, because their busy schedule had not allowed them time to go to the salon beforehand. And, if a model shows up on set without a manicure, I can quickly airbrush nail color on! I take extra precaution in keeping my clients conditions clean and sanitary, and COVID-19 has beauty pros planning how they can return to work with their clients’ safety in mind.  Choice tools in my makeup kit are disposable applicators for lips, mascara and eye shadow, sponges, Q-tips, pallets and spatulas.  A clean large towel to cover my work station, disposable cape to cover clothing, hand sanitizer, Lysol wipes, and makeup remover wipes.  Add a mask and/or shield and gloves in our new situation. If you must use brushes, always have multiples of the same brush in a separate container to change between clients.  You can spray your make up to sanitize it using 70% Isopropyl alcohol in a small spray bottle, or use a product specifically meant for makeup (favorites include BeautySoClean spray, brush cleaner by MAC and brush shampoo by Cinema Secrets). Airbrush make up application will thrive long after this pandemic ends, as I imagine this will quickly become the artists main tool.  In the meantime, I will continue making faces flawless, while doing my best to protect the well being of myself and my clients. To book a virtual makeup lesson or consultation, email FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT : Twitter & Instagram @jenfarhood

YouTube beauty tutorials in under 3 minutes:

Celebrity Make up Artist Jen Farhood appears as a guest on 'The View' long before the airbrush make up phenonenom, demonstrating examples of airbrush make up for beauty, body paint and tanning!

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