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Sara Jackson-Holman's First Single of 2021 "Supercinematic" (OUT 9.24) 

Sara Jackson-Holman Announces New Single SUPERCINEMATIC Out September 24th

Sara Jackson-Holman’s third collaboration with Stefan Macerewich, 'SUPERCINEMATIC', creates a compelling, intoxicating world, at once nostalgic and contemporary. Lush arrangements support Jackson-Holman’s rich, emotive voice, which moves effortlessly from smoky depths to airy heights, in this sumptuous exploration of personal mythology. “Tell me everything, that’s my kinda dopamine,” the singer shares early in the album. Lyrically, 'SUPERCINEMATIC' offers up a generous collection of vulnerable snapshots of psyche, by turns embodied, dissociated, anxious, wry, self-aware, consumed, revelatory and euphoric, SUPERCINEMATIC feels its way to meaning.

Sara is stoked to share her new single out on September 24th. Here's what she had to say about it: 'SUPERCINEMATIC' is the first song I wrote after my studio renovation this last February. I was so over the moon to create something in this playful, excessively pink fur room, and supercinematic was the result. A small fragment of the song came to me when I was drifting to sleep-- “ha ha habit”, which I rolled over to jot down in my notes app. It was a really natural song for me to write, a sort of trance-like exploration of excess, my own insatiable desire for more. For deeper connection, for meaning, for maximalism, for feeling it all, supercinematic is a surrender to my own impulses.

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