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SECRETS OF THE MOON depart with a final festival show at PSOA

SECRETS OF THE MOON announce break-up and final festival show at PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2022

SECRETS OF THE MOON have announced the break-up of the band. One of the most individual, influential, and important German black metal and later dark rock acts will cease to be. Before the Northern Germans leave the stage forever, there is a last chance to see them live at a festival: PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR has added SECRETS OF THE MOON to this year's billing. The festival will take place in Schlotheim, Thuringia, Germany from August 11 to 13.

SECRETS OF THE MOON comment: "We are seeing the darkness at the end of the tunnel", writes singer Phil Jonas on behalf of the band. "From the moment that we built the four walls of the 'black house' with our bare hands skyward, we knew this would be not only our ultimate record but the epitaph at our final resting place. We thank you for walking this long winding idiosyncratic path with us over all these years. It has been an illuminating ride. Our appearance at this year's edition of the Party San Open Air will mark our final festival show."

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11-13 August 2022 Schlotheim (DE) Party.San Open Air

With their latest release "Black House" (May 2020), SECRETS OF THE MOON continue to evolve in the direction the Germans had taken on "Sun" (2015), which leads them further away from their black metal roots into a unique realm of thir own fascinating blend of alternative music and dark rock with a punch.

"Black House" has also been tagged such with "goth rock" and "post punk" among other attempts to nail their ecclectic style down and been referenced to such giants as ALICE IN CHAINS, FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, and later TIAMAT. Although there is no agreement into which drawer the new era SECRETS OF THE MOON should be placed, the Germans display a high level of self-confidence in their music, which shows in catchy tunes with subtle twists, blackened grace, and a furious elegance which at times hints at their heavier past.

"Black House" was recorded in The Church of Sound Studio owned by guitarist, engineer and producer Michael "Ar" Zech over the course of almost a full year. During that time, the quartet welcomed eminent guests such as JARBOE and members from EMPYRIUM, THE RUINS OF BEVERAST, DARK FORTRESS, and ENEMY OF THE SUN, who all contributed to the individual vibe of the song that they participated in.

SECRETS OF THE MOON are more than ready to hit the road and rattle Europe, but the German dark rockers had to delay their planned tour due to restrictions in the course of the global pandemic. Expect these vicious live beasts to be more than hungry when they are finally unleashed in early 2022!



SECRETS OF THE MOON 'Earth Hour' video clip

Band pictures and graphic materials: (click here for Dropbox)

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