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Sectlinefor release a new album of their fierce, unclassifiable madness

In 2018 the deranged duo of Sectlinefor released their second album, Don’t Make This About You, confusing music fans and bewildering critics everywhere as they smashed genre conventions and danced on the broken pieces. Two years on from that release society has wandered into a world of pandemic driven madness - and that has just inspired Sectlinefor to dive headlong from the parapet of sanity into a swirling sea of lunacy. Forget everything you thought you knew about’s time to start Kissing Strangers During An Outbreak!

Sectlinefor’s third album is an explosion of colour, a barrage of sparkling fireworks – utterly unrestrained and uncontrollable. Riffs and melodies collide and burst in a shower of wild rhythms while a broken, exuberant voice assures you that ‘Babies Come From Trees’, promises you ‘Six Minute Abs’ and pleads with you to ‘Milk Your Friends’. Kissing Strangers During An Outbreak isn’t easy listening and it sure as hell isn’t meant for everyone; but for those who persist through that initial onslaught of delirium the seemingly random shapes and shades will suddenly begin to coalesce into a perfect picture of joy and release. Once you’re on the inside looking out at those angry, frightened faces Kissing Strangers During An Outbreak makes perfect sense.

When we finally start to put the bleakness of lockdown behind us Sectlinefor will be waiting for us on the other side – ready to celebrate in their own distinctive fashion. Kissing Strangers During An Outbreak will be set free on May 28th and once it’s out of its cage it’ll never be recaptured. The magic men are back - madder, sicker and more beautiful than ever before - and it’s time to lose yourself in the strangest dream you’ve never had...

Visit the Sectlinefor online kingdom of madness here

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Get Sectlinefor music at their bandcamp page

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