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SERUM 114 Releases New Single “Jeden Tag Jede Nacht” (engl. Every Day Every Night)

SERUM 114 Releases New Single "Jeden Tag Jede Nacht” (engl. Every Day Every Night) | Watch HERE Im Zeichen der Zeit to be Released on September 18. Pre-Order NOW

[Photo Credit: Christian Eschweiler]

Enter the Punk-Rock Circus with SERUM 114!

Today, SERUM 114 releases their third single “Jeden Tag Jede Nacht” (engl. “every day every night”), along with an expressive music video, fresh off the upcoming album Im Zeichen der Zeit (engl. “signs of time”), to be released via Napalm Records on September 18, 2020. The hard-hitting blend of punk, pop and modern rock will pierce straight into your eardrums: With an unmistakably catchy chorus and Esche’s remarkable vocals the German rock combo showcase that the mixture of modern rock and edgy punk simply flows through their veins. The accompanying audio-visual presents a different side of the bands artistic work and underlines their visual versality without losing their unique SERUM 114 trademark. Following their chart-topping album Die Nacht Mein Freund (engl. “the night is my friend”) (GER #3), the new album Im Zeichen der Zeit includes 14 energetic tracks, careening towards a rock break-out. With the new offering, they double down on their musical power and present themselves stronger than ever before: lyrically, musically and stylistically!   SERUM 114 on their new single “Jeden Tag Jede Nacht”:

“It seems kind of crazy how long one can carry a broken heart. “Jeden Tag Jede Nacht” touches upon a very personal note: Each of us knows it, each of us has experienced it once or will experience it in the future. No matter how long it’s been and no matter how much you want to stay strong - it tears you up inside and you can’t hide - no matter how much you are trying to hide. Losing a person who once meant “everything” to you is one of the most painful and difficult challenges - it remains a part of us forever. But you can find the inner power to try something new and to create great things. We personally celebrate the new single for its honesty and the authenticity it carries within.” Enter the circus and watch “Jeden Tag Jede Nacht” HERE:

Pre-Order the new album Im Zeichen der Zeit HERE:

The new album, Im Zeichen der Zeit, presents 14 energetic modern rock tracks: In an honest and authentic punk rock manner, "Freiheit" (engl. “freedom”) invites the listener to reflect on moments filled with happiness, to center themselves and find balance within, even if it’s just for a short amount of time. The mid-tempo anthem “Abgefucktes Leben” (engl. “fucked up life”) is driven by its unmistakably catchy chorus and dedicated to the simplicity of daily life. Esche’s rough vocals classify the band’s unique trademark, whilst pushing their songs, such as “Meine Band” (engl. “my band”), to a highly energetic level. Despite wearing their punk rock attitude on their sleeves, SERUM 114 is also capable of slowing down: “Wir scheitern voran” (engl. “we fail”) is a powerful ballad of failure and unveils an unusually calm side of the band. Tracklisting Im Zeichen der Zeit:

1. Abgefucktes Leben

2. Freiheit

3. Punk Rock Show

4. Zuhause ist schön

5. Ein Teil

6. Zeichen

7. Wir scheitern voran

8. Jeden Tag Jede Nacht

9. Meine Band

10. Nein

11. Biest

12. Was kann der Mond dafür

13. Zeit steht still

14. Unzerbrechlich Im Zeichen der Zeit will be available in North America the following formats:

- CD Digipak

- 1 LP Gatefold Black

- Earbook - strictly limited to 500 copies

- 1 LP Silver - strictly limited to 100 copies  

- CD Digipak + Shirt Bundle

- Digital Album

[Earbook - 4CD’s album, instrumental version, “Zuhause“ unplugged, Esche’s solo project „Leuchtfeuer“] Catch SERUM 114 live:

SERUM 114 will play an exclusive live gig on September 17 - one day before the official release of their new album - at Circus Probst in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. 400 guests will have the opportunity to experience previously unreleased tracks of the upcoming album and old familiar songs of SERUM 114. Tickets for the release concert are available HERE.

SERUM 114 live : 

w/ Drunken Swallows & BIEST

11.02.21 DE - Essen / Turock

12.02.21 DE - Leipzig / Hellraiser

13.02.21 DE - Nuremberg / Hirsch

18.02.21 DE - Saarbrucken / Garage

19.02.21 DE - Hamburg / Docks

20.02.21 DE - Frankfurt / Batschkapp

25.02.21 DE - Stuttgart / LKA Longhorn

26.02.21 DE - Munich / Technikum, Tonhalle

27.02.21 CH - Pratteln / Z7 SERUM 114 Line-Up:

Esche - vocals / guitar

Markus - bass

Nils - drums

Thorsten - guitar More info on SERUM 114:

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