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Severed Resistence - Wishing Well E.P. - (Thrash Metal)

Severed Resistence - "Wishing Well E.P." (Thrash Metal)

Severed Resistence is a Thrash Metal band from Daytona Beach, FL , who recently came out with a brand new studio EP: Wishing Well . The songs explore a wide range of influences, ranging from old-school thrash to melodic death metal and other styles.

Brutal...Extreme...Thundering...Heavy...Call Severed Resistence 's brand of Thrash whatever you want...but what it pure unadulterated "in your face" Metal . Like a sledge hammer to your cranium, Severed Resistence pounds into your head with infectious riffs and thunderous drumming, creating a sonic synergy that I'll spread through your consciousness like a fatal disease. This disease has been spreading through the Southeast is ready to become a national epidemic.

Vocalist Dave Davis , guitarist Josh Greenwood , Drummer Nic Delano and bassist Casey Sicher-Ford are in your face with their own unique brand of metal part Pantera , part Testament , part Death , part anything kick-ass, with a best-selling local debut CD under their belts, Severed Resistence is ready to unleash hell on their follow-up when they head back in the studio this winter. Severed Resistence is coming for you... all of you and there is nowhere to hide.

"We are working on a Ton of original new songs that we are going to release and we want people to hear them! We don’t expect to make money, We don’t expect to climb to the top of charts. We don't care about any of that… It’s not really about that. It’s just about getting off on it and getting fired up and creating something that’s exciting for us and hopefully translates to be exciting for you!"

-Severed Resistence

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