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SHOKRAN Release 3rd Full Length Album, 'Ethereal'

Progressive Metal Band SHOKRAN has released their newest full length album, ETHEREAL. Released on February 8th, Ethereal immediately blew fans away, debuting at #2 on the U.S iTunes Top 100 Heavy metal Albums. 

 "It's been a while since our last release, *Exodus*. We took our time, we honed our musical skills, and we are very proud of the end result! Our new CD, Ethereal is the most mature and complex album in the history of Shokran, we set out to deliver those next level feels" - Shokran 

Track List:

1. Unbodied 2. Nature of the Paradox 3. Shadows 4. Ascention 5. Conquerors 6. Superior 7. Golden Pendant 8. Ethereal 9. Faces Behind the Stars 10. Destiny Crucified 

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