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SICK CENTURY Release Official Music Video for "Echos & Dust"

SICK CENTURY Release Official Music Video for "Echos & Dust"

Pennsylvania based rock band SICK CENTURY has released the official music video for "Echos & Dust." "Echos & Dust" is SICK CENTURY’s first official release with the newly formed version of the band. "Energetic passion infused with the dark witchcraft of the forest. This video was shot on the haunted land of an old missionary retreat in Bucks County, PA. A local businessman who currently owns the property warned that people have reported strange orange orbs coming out of the woods at night. So we thought what better place than a creepy old place to shoot the next one. Sorry to say we didn’t report any aliens but it was hard to hone in on anything beyond the generator and blaring lights. What we did capture though was the energy of the spot and had a great time rocking out in the muck." - SICK CENTURY

2020 saw the addition of Brady Hearn (ex. Eximious) on drums and Nick Black on bass. Marc Adam Kahn (vocals) and Scott Hoon (guitar) released a few singles in 2019 but it wasn’t until Hearn and Black joined Sick Century earlier this year that the lineup was complete. The vibe was instantaneous when Hearn, Black, Kahn and Hoon got into the room. To kick off the new supercharged version of the band, the four piece released a video cover of Alice in Chains’ “Them Bones” in January, shooting in an abandoned boiler room. The video gained quick attention and laid the foundation for their latest release, "Echos & Dust." Filming a music video in a dank swamp in the middle of March turned out to be Sick Century’s most rock n roll move to date. If hypothermia, leeches and ticks doesn’t satisfy, rest assured howling vocals, furious guitars and blasting drums will. This is just the beginning for SICK CENTURY and they have a lot more planned for 2020.

Download / Stream "Echos & Dust" Online:

Sick Century began in 2019 when Scott Hoon and Marc Kahn started working together on a side project between bands. The two toyed around with a few demos that would later turn into singles “Rampart” and “Altered States.” The chemistry was there but while the duo had demoed several tracks, the lineup would not be complete until January of 2020 when Nick Black and Brady Hearn came aboard. Black and Kahn had been friends for a few years while Hearn started off the year touring with All That Remains and Lacuna Coil in band Eximious (with ex-members From Ashes To New). His decision to move onto Sick Century would come in mid January.

Since forming, the band has released multiple singles with the video release of Alice in Chains’ cover “Them Bones,” being their 2020 debut. Now followed by “Echos & Dust”, Sick Century is currently in the process of shooting their 3rd video as a four piece. The video will drop in June and plans for rehearsals are already underway.

Sick Century Is:

Marc Kahn - Vocals

Scott Hoon - Guitar

Nick Black - Bass

Brady Hearn -Drums

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