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Sicksense - Kings Today EP Review

Sicksense will not make you sick to your stomach, but it will bring you hellfire and send you into a whirlpool of catastrophic proportions. Their Kings Today EP and their title track have those hard-hitting melodies that make metal, metal. But through their round table of vocalists where at one point, the song resembles metal rap like P.O.D. and Papa Roach but takes a left turn and Killer V, whose sexy, heartfelt, almost mischievous voice lets you feel the pain and passion.

Having taken influence from multiple genres and incorporated it into a fun, almost playful message where Sicksense prides itself on musical inspiration over the deep and anguish-like lyrics metal comes along with. Metal can be so down, deep, and dark. Even though their songs have heartfelt and sad themes, overall, the message and way they play are upbeat. Sicksense wants to give you something fun, fast, and something to sing along to.

Instead of being sad, pissed off, and putting on a Celtic Frost album, Sicksense gives you a beat that can be headbanged to in the car with your friends on your way to the function. It gives you a pop with distortion that could get you to jump and dance. In a basement with your friends, at a party, or wherever you need something to groove to with a destructive sound, Sicksense new E.P. is it.

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