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Sithlord: Australian Sci-Fi Thrashers Release Lyric Video From Out Of The Darkness

Sithlord: Australian Sci-Fi Thrashers Release Lyric Video From Out Of The Darkness

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Melbourne's Sci-fi Thrashers Sithlord release the title track From Out Of Darkness as an animated lyric video by Moshriff Creative. The song has been taken from their current album (From Out Of The Darkness).

The band explains how the idea of the video came along: "Since we’re still in lockdown in Melbourne, we contracted Moshriff to create a lyric video of the title track to mark the 1st year anniversary of us unleashing ‘From Out Of The Darkness’ upon the galaxy! Chaulky did an outstanding job on this video! We love this song and we know you will too."

For those who are unaware of Sci-Fi Thrash but love Metal and Star Wars, this is your music. May the Thrash be with you, turn up the volume!


Adrian Willis - Guitar

Jamael Rojo –- Bass

Lee Mountney - Drums

Saundies - Guitar/Vocals

Hailing from the Imperial stronghold of Melbourne, Australia, Sithlord combine old school Euro style thrash with sci-fi and otherworldly lyrics to create a universe of their own. With equal nods to Star Wars, other space operas and action classics, Sithlord attack with lightsaber precision and Death Star like heaviness. After being marooned for 14 years on a distant outpost, the band has been rescued by the Empire and have re-grouped and re-supplied. Now, the Emperor has overseen the construction of a new weapon... a warcraft in the shape of the release of 'From Out Of The Darkness'.

SITHLORD - From Out Of The Darkness Lyric Video


01. Next In Line

02  Rebel Scum

03. From Out Of The Darkness

04. The Alliance Of Hate

05. The Accursed

06. Siths Revenge

07. The Return To Godless Times

08. Dead By Dawn

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