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Sleep/less Release New Single "My Serenade"

Sleep/less Release New Single "My Serenade"

Photo: Brittany Lambert at @_holdfastphotography

Alt rock band Sleep/less have released their new single "My Serenade," available on all digital platforms NOW. As of late, Sleep/less have been working hard to firmly develop their pop/rock-influenced sound. "My Serenade" is an upfront representation of their efforts, showing listeners where their sound is headed. Having recorded countless songs over the last few months, Sleep/less are tight-knit; "My Serenade" is just one example of how they've continually evolved. The song is sleek, bold, and fiery - exactly where Sleep/less perfectly rests. About the song, the band states:

“My Serenade.” is about the difficulties of having multiple things going on inside your head while also trying to help someone close to you and balancing the two struggles at the same time.

Beau Turner, Brad Conrad Wiebe, John Corsiga & Zach Fedorowich - also known as Sleep/less, formed in late 2017, with a mission to start a band influenced by the artists they grew up with. Since their formation, they have been creating and recording a cool, innovative blend of pop rock and pop punk music, which has been inspired by the likes of All Time Low, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Simple Plan.

“The progression that we’re taking is very exciting. It feels amazing finally finding our sound. The music that we’re making now is something we connect with,” frontman Beau Turner says. Inspired by the consistent evolution of their sound, the band continues to write and record countless songs. Sleep/less released their most recent single, “Means to an End,” in January 2022. Experimenting with vocal layering and tight-knit drum tones, the band finds themselves in a snug, personable pocket. A refreshing taste of pop punk fusion, Sleep/less is sure to turn heads.

Sleep/less - "My Serenade"


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