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Snipers Of Babel - Gabriel - (Industrial Metal)

Snipers Of Babel - 'Gabriel' (Industrial Metal)

Release Date: Sep 23, 2021

Snipers of Babel are a 6-piece band out of Washington DC. Their epic, ground-breaking sound fuses brutal metal and industrial influences with classical and soundtrack-esque ambience. Multiple powerhouse vocalists cover a wide range of sounds from guttural growls to piercing screams and soaring melodies. The result is an intricate, skillfully crafted soundscape unlike anything else heard in metal to date. Founded in the summer of 2016 by Mike Bossier and Jeremy Dyer, the band quickly grew into its present day incarnation of Bossier on guitars, keys, and samples, with Dyer, Tommy Mott, and Layla Singer on vocals (a trio of vocalists which the band refers to as “a band within a band”), Chris Hicks on bass, the monstrous Kevin Talley on studio drums, and Mike Lumer on live drums. Many things have been said about Snipers of Babel’s unorthodox sound and arrangement, and many have struggled to label them. Even the band members themselves find it difficult, but the truth is they don’t need a label. As Bossier himself has said, “All we can really say is that it’s metal. You just have to hear it.”

Check out the new video for Gabriel! Gabriel: The governments answer to cleaning up this post apocalyptic world is through the use of a cyborg drone called a Crushuman. During her missions she develops a taste for human casualties and starts killing people on both sides. A ragtag team of scientists and engineers from the resistance spent 10 years in creating what they call Gabriel their Savior who will go into battle with Crushuman and try to save the world!

Check out the video for 'digital death'! Digital Death: A new age of war is at hand with computer technology and AI. But it comes with a cryptic message. They may be running the New Age!

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