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Solence Release New Single + Music Video For "Blood Sweat Tears" via Hopeless Records

Swedish electropop-metal quartet Solence has released their latest single and music video, "Blood Sweat Tears" (via Hopeless Records). Speaking on today's release, the band shares:

"We asked ourselves, what music would we as 18-year-olds have been the most proud of creating? “Blood Sweat Tears” is that very song. It’s an epic journey about wanting something so much that you’ll give anything to reach that goal. Big vocal moments, virtuoso musicianship, and soaring guitar solos mark a very solid attempt from Solence to make you drop your jaw three floors.

The initial demo was just an acoustic guitar and a classic song, then we naturally just started to add and add more and more parts to it. In the end, it became this 8-minute-long journey of us having lots of fun and trying to challenge us to do something we’ve never really dared to do before."

The band has recently released music videos for "Rain Down" and "Demons", which together have amassed over 298,000 views on YouTube and nearly 1.9 million streams on Spotify alone. Watch the music video for "Blood Sweat Tears" here or at the link below, stream the track here, and be sure to stay tuned for more Solence news coming soon.

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