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Souls Of Hades - Limited 7" Split With Gravehuffer - (Gothic Doom)

Souls Of Hades - "On Blackest Wings" (From the split seven inch with Gravehuffer)

(Gothic Doom)

Now available from NoSlip Records , super limited edition Souls Of Hades 7" split with Gravehuffer , featuring one of a kind original artwork from both bands! Get your copy now before they run out! Available on Bandcamp at this link:

"I met NoSlip Records owner Rob at through Jason Virus of Sugar Virus . His band was being pressed to vinyl via Robs horror punk label ' Devils Brew Productions ', and the band Jason, (Nigel Toxic) and I had together ( Slavething ) was also scheduled to have a Vinyl run made of our album ' Death Thing '."

"Sadly the label ran into some issues before ours could be pressed, so it was mastered but never pressed. Around the same time of that album, I had begun work on the Souls of Hades album Lay Your Bones, the first of which to feature me on vocals. I passed the album on to Rob and thought nothing further of it. Fast forward a couple of years and I had started on the follow up to that album, All The filthy Ones . Rob messaged me out of the blue saying Souls of Hades had grown on him quite a bit and that he wanted to have us on a split 7" with Gravehuffer , who i instantly fell in love with upon hearing."

"It just so happened the new album had a couple of tracks finished and so I submitted what I think is one of our best tracks from the new album; ' On Blackest Wings '. This track was a real shift for the band, moving more into the Gothic territory i love from Bands like Samhain and Type O Negative . Its probably one of the classiest tracks I've written and was an obvious choice for a vinyl release, the FIRST proper vinyl release for the band. I am so happy that both Rob and the Gravehuffer guys believed in us enough to make this happen."

- Janick Peters

Souls of Hades is a hard Rock band summoning elements from the filthier, darker, and grittier corners of rock n' roll. Hailing from New-Zealand.

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Janick Peters on Bass and Lead Vocals

Troy Weston on Drums

Benjy Ratford on Lead Guitar

Nigel Toxic on Rhythm Guitar.

Album Discography

Riders of the dark - 2014

Lay your bones - 2018

All the Filthy ones - 2021





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