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SPACE OF VARIATIONS Releases Animated Video for “Room 57”

Modern Metal Sensation SPACE OF VARIATIONS  Releases Animated Video for “Room 57” | Watch NOW

Track Featured on Latest EP, XXXXX, Out Now via Napalm Records | Order HERE

[photo credit: Artem Pronov]

“Distorted mind is full of lies. But all these shapes are so mesmerizing. I was drowning more and more into my irrational fictional world. Devil and God were there as different shapes of reality. Everyone goes through their agony. I went through mine in the ‘Room 57’.” - Lead Singer Dima Flo

With their latest EP XXXXX, released via Napalm Records earlier this year, modern metal sensation SPACE OF VARIATIONS have proven that they are no longer an underground band and won’t fly under the radar. Today, the Ukrainian powerhouse takes it one step further and showcases their new animated work for the XXXXX EP track Room 57” With their newest offering, SPACE OF VARIATIONS underlines the pure passion for their sonically-palpable creativity and artful audio-visuals. Filming and directing most of their own videos wasn’t enough – the cartoon-inspired music video is made from more than three thousand images hand-painted by guitarist/vocalist Alex, with post-production by drummer Tima, himself.Room 57 offers an artistic place of expression for the characters of their own universe. 


“During these hard times when it seems the whole world is going crazy, we as a band have found ourselves in not the best position. Tours and festivals got canceled. We could not even shoot a video without violating quarantine. Then we remembered the old idea of creating a hand-drawn animation. We started looking for someone to bring our ideas to life. Yet, it did not take long to realize that we were the ones to do it best. Our guitarist/vocalist Alex took on the whole animation part, while our drummer Tima was all about post-production. The truth was born in meetings and discussions." The music video itself mirrors a whole enigma filled with metaphors, elaborate images and symbolism. Fall into a rabbit hole with SPACE OF VARIATIONS and meet them behind closed doors.

Watch the animated video for “Room 57” HERE:

Order their latest EP XXXXX HERE!

SPACE OF VARIATIONS explores vast sonic landscapes and emotions, captivating each listener with all-encompassing and everchanging moods - musically as well as lyrically - whether they be brutal and uncompromising or emotive and comforting, Their recent EP, XXXXX, out now, as well as the live video to “Slowmo”, only confirm the group’s position in the modern metal scene, convincingly framing the level of texts with technical instrumentals and skillfully incorporated electronic details.

SPACE OF VARIATIONS will be touring in support of their current EP XXXXX: SPACE OF VARIATIONS

w/MOTANKA, EPOLETS Kaifainemo Tour 2020 11.08.20 UA - RIVNE - Aivengo

12.08.20 UA - LUTSK - Misteria/Adrenalin City

13.08.20 UA - LVIV - Zuzu Beach Club

15.08.20 UA - IVANO-FRANKIVSK - Trio

16.08.20 UA - TERNOPIL - Chumatskyi Shliah

18.08.20 UA - KHMELNYTSKYI - Dacha

19.08.20 UA - VINNYTSIA - Kolos

21.08.20 UA - ODESSA - True Man Hot Boat

22.08.20 UA - MYKOLAIV - Ushuaia

23.08.20 UA - ZAPORIZHZHIA - Manufacture Rosental

25.08.20 UA - DNIPRO - Transit Motel

26.08.20 UA - KHARKIV - Mechanika

28.08.20 UA - KYIV - X-Park/Nestoinameste House

30.08.20 UA - CHERKASY - Dakhnivska Sitch

Watch the latest videos here...

"Razorblade"  live video

live video

music video

music video


Dima Kozhuhar - Vocals

Alex Zatserkovny - Guitar/vocals

Anton Kasatkin - Bass

Tima Kasatkin - Drums Connect with SPACE OF VARIATIONS:

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