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Steel Panther is "On The Prowl" Their Sixth Studio Album Out NOW

In light of adding new full time bassist "Spyder" to the band, Steel Panther dropped their sixth studio album.

Whether you've been here since the guys had a "Stripper Girl", you're new from the "Heavy Metal Rule" era, or if this is your very first time hearing of Steel Panther this album has everything to bring your ears to the best climax of your life.

Jokes aside, this band has some of the most underrated musicians in modern day music. The riffs that guitar player Satchel wrote up for this record are some of the best guitar licks I have heard from the band. If you took "Out Of The Cellar" and put it into modern day music, that is what these riffs are.

First single "Never Too Late (To Get Some Pussy Tonight)" came out last year with this hilarious but great filmed video. It's so catchy and shows the band still has some aggression six albums in.

"Friends with Benefits" is personally my favorite song off of this record, the riff is so bitchin' and heavy, this track has everything a Steel Panther song should. The video for this is hilarious and I love seeing all four of the guys continue to grow their characters.

"On Your Instagram" is a song I wish would've been a single (I guess there is still time for that). A song about Instagram filters and catfishing is my favorite thing from these guys.

"Put My Money Where Your Mouth Is" is yet again another groovy riff from Satchel, this is why I will constantly say he is the most underrated guitarist of this generation.

The line "I wonder what Warren Buffet would say if I stuck it in a Hathaway" still makes me laugh every single time.

"1987" has been the most successful single of this record, charting #1 on rock radio in Germany. This shows a more serious side of the band that I am hoping going forward they show a little bit more. It shows these guys are amazing musicians and have a actual message behind what they're saying (other than bitches and blow).

To continue down the track list, "Teleporter" is a heavy slap you in the face jam, "Is My Dick Enough" (Featuring Dweezil Zappa) has the funniest snoring that the first time I heard almost sent me into a ditch laughing so hard while driving. "Magical Vagina" is the sweetest love ballad since "When You Came In" from the Lower Bar Record.

"All That and More" and "One Pump Chump" both just show equally funny sides of the band that continue to show why they are some of the funniest guys in Heavy Metal.

"I Ain't Dead Yet" has been a live show favorite with Michael Starr playing guitar and Spyder on the windchime solo. This song is another great fire camp style song - but in typical Steel Panther fashion it can't stay too serious.

The album closes with "Sleeping On The Rollaway" a hidden gem on the record that has a catchy riff and a great chorus hook.

In conclusion On The Prowl is a solid 10/10 listen from track one to track thirteen. From Michael Starr's great vocal performance song after song, to Stixx's drum patterns just beating through your chest, Spyder's bass tracks bringing a new dimension to the bands sound, and the increible guitar licks from Satchel, even if you weren't a fan of Steel Panther before I think this record would change your mind.

Go pick up On the Prowl out NOW and be sure to catch one of the best live bands on their current tour.

Check out Steel Panther Official Site ( for all the tour dates, merch and streaming.

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