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Stoner Grunge BADGUYSWIN Premiere Music Video 'Honey Bucket' via New Noise Mag

Stoner Grunge BADGUYSWIN Premiere Music Video 'Honey Bucket' via New Noise Mag Acting Cameo By ExPain Guitarist Pat Peeve

Debut Album "Cowards" Out Now!

L-R – Alex Huber – Bass Guitar, Vocals, Shane Sherman – Vocals, Guitar, Zak Waterlow – Drums

Releasing their debut album “Cowards” earlier this April, Grand Forks, BC's 90's grunge stoner rock trio BADGUYSWIN are sharing their next music video 'Honey Bucket' that features an acting cameo by ExPain guitarist Pat Peeve.  The video is being premiered via New Noise Mag HERE. Vocalist/guitarist Shane Sherman explains the track: "When we first started writing 'Honey Bucket' we didn't know how impactful of a song it would become. I brought the first two riffs to our drummer Zak and he felt it out quickly, incorporating a strong Spanish style groove to the bluesy sound. Later on, we wrote the chorus and it was apparent it had a very strong hook. The lyrics are a vague description of being dependent on something. Vague enough to leave the message up for interpretation, but direct enough to tell a story of desperation. Originally we had a different ending. But we didn't feel it had enough impact. We wanted a powerful finish to the song that would translate well to a live audience. After a few different ideas we really nailed it down and it's become a staple in our set." Featuring 3 out of 4 members from technical metal band Slagduster, BADGUYSWIN shows off their original roots in music, the grunge era of the 90s where they would glue themselves to the stereo for hours. The members of BADGUYSWIN also all grew up together in the same small town and have been playing music together in various ways for 15 years.

The band’s debut full length “Cowards” was written to give the listener an experience that doesn’t repeat itself over 12 tracks. It's an album that is a heavy and hooky modern take on a classic sound with influences that are everything 90’s in grunge, stoner, alternative, and punk. It was conceived organically, performed, and recorded DIY style at the home studio of drummer Zak Waterlow with mastering by Brock McFarlane of CPS studios in Vancouver. The album has a crisp and larger than life sound. With plenty of easter eggs that’ll have you searching for more from each listen.  

“Cowards” is available for stream and download on SpotifyApple Music along with physical CDs having limited edition artwork painted by Shane Sherman on Bandcamp. Each song’s lyrical content revolves around a story and a main character. A painting was depicted for each persona. Previous music videos:

'Needle Beach' here.

'Lying To Myself' here.

Track Listing:

1. Like A Sailor (4:36)

2. Lowlifer (3:13)

3. Honey Bucket (4:06)

4. Lying To Myself (3:30)

5. Between Hook And Hole (4:11)

6. Fly On The Wall (5:28)

7. Coal (4:32)

8. August 8th (3:54)

9. Needle Beach (2:54)

10. Legends Of The Wheel (4:19)

11. Under It All (3:31)

12. Central (5:29)

Album Length: 49:50 For more info: EPK “Another grunge-inspired stoner rock ‘n’ roll track now with BADGUYSWIN and their debut ‘Needle Beach’, combining Ozzy-like vocals with the kind of riffs you’d see Orange Goblin churning out through their career… quite the way to introduce themselves!” – Uber Rock UK “Due out on April 10th, the guys are ready to unleash their debut full-length, Cowards, tailor-made to give you a different listening experience with each of the record’s twelve tracks. Grunge rock may be a distant spec in the musical rearview mirror, but it’s comforting to know that bands such as BADGUYSWIN are carrying on the tradition of that legendary era.” – V13  "BADGUYSWIN calls back to the Stoner Rock and Grunge sounds of their youth." Ghost Cult Mag "Cowards is chock full of sublime punked up riffs and harmonies such as "Fly On the Wall" as well as percussive masterpieces in "Lowlifer" and "Coal". The lyrics speak out to the listener. For example, "Honey Bucket" is about alcoholism and addiction... Cowards provides a perfect feeling of leaves-you-wanting-more. Each song is constructed for maximum appeal with stunning fretwork, exemplary percussion and bass and vocals a bit on the higher range but certainly fitting. With Badguyswin, there is so much to rock out to here." - Boston Rock Radio

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