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Strings Of Distorted Doom - Doom Trials - (Black Metal / Doom Metal)

Strings Of Distorted Doom - 'Doom Trials' (Black Metal / Doom Metal)

Release Date: July 4th, 2021

"Definition : Strings of Distorted Doom - A cord stretched on an instrument and struck, plucked, or bowed to produce tones, having; possessing, to cause to work in a twisted or disorderly manner, to condemn to ruination or death... -D”

STRINGS OF DISTORTED DOOM was founded in 2008 in Poughkeepsie NY. Starting as a low-fi black metal solo act till it’s resurgence in 2021. The music is known as blackened traditional doom metal combined with ferocious black metal rawness of the darkest aesthetic from the deepest grave of New York with ties in Philadelphia.

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D.R. (Daniel Reinhardt) - vocals / lyrics / composing

C.E. (Chad Eckenrode) - guitars / drums

C.N. (Cody Neel) - guitar on Alone In The Dark

K.R. (Kristofer Redfern) guitar on Witchcraft


EP -

Doom Trials -

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