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SUCKERPUNCH! Unveils New Single "Nightcalls"

Montreal, Quebec - Pop punk powerhouse SUCKERPUNCH! have released their new single "Nightcalls," available on all digital streaming platforms NOW. The punchy song is filled to the brim with bouncy energy, and capitalizes on nostalgic elements. For fans of Blink-182 and Sum 41, "Nightcalls" is the perfect soundtrack for a sweet summer day, giving listeners a raw and feisty taste of punky vigor. Coloring outside the lines, SUCKERPUNCH! continue to feed fans an unapologetic, pop-fused branch of rock. About the single, the band states: Nightcalls was written in 2021, when essentially all of Canada was locked down. We wore masks in the studio and social distanced. It was a really unique experience, that we hope not to have to recreate on the next recording. The one thing that became apparent, is that this band likes to make lemonade out of lemons. The world was shut down and we wanted to write about going out. The general population was down and we wanted to make an upbeat and fun song . We were longing for live shows, moshpits and sing alongs and we tried to capture that vibe with the song. Lyrically we had the same approach. Wanting the world to be back to normal, we tried to wish that into existence by inspiring ourselves of crazy nights partying and the inevitable late night calls that come with it. SUCKERPUNCH! is a pop-punk band hailing from Montreal looking to bring the fun back to scene. No sad bois here. Just a bunch a fun loving dudes looking to start a party . Formed in 2021, the group has gotten attention from alt scene tastemakers with their first single “Break Up” release February 18th 2022 getting Spotify playlist adds on Jesea Lee’s “New Pop Punk Tracks”, “New Scene Sunday”, “Hot Damn! What Jam!”, Ghost Killer Entertainment’s “Emo Never Dies!” and Anchor Eighty Four Record’s “Anchored to Pop Punk”. The track has garnered 20k overall streams and over 1.5K Spotify playlist adds in its first two and a half months of release. The band consists of Fred Thuot (vocals), Terry Martineau (guitar), Rome Prugne (guitar), Jo Dubreuil (bass), and Alan Lebarbe (drums). Heavily influenced by the golden age of Emo of the 2000s, the neon punk of the 2010s and pop music of the 2020s, the band has created it’s own blend of punk that is sure to please all spectrums of the genre’s fan base. With their tongue in cheek lyrics, catchy melodies, driving drums and powerful riffs the band aims to leave no one who hears them indifferent. After making a first good impression, SUCKERPUNCH! is poised to take the next step in the relentless efforts to make a mark on the scene with release their second single “Nightcalls”. The band reveals a new facet of their personality with this unapologetically pop punk anthem that shed lights on the emotional toll of late night inebriated hookups.

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