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SUMMONING to Re-Release Limited Vinyl Editions of "Nightshade Forests" & "Lost Tales"

Ever since the release of their debut album, Lugburz (1995), SUMMONING has been growing and reinventing themselves constantly. What started out as a project deeply rooted in traditional black metal took a significant turn in the following years - evergreens like Dol Guldur (1996) and Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame (2001) bear witness to a continuously refined soundscape.

Now, SUMMONING is re-releasing two of their legendary records as limited vinyl editions. Nightshade Forests will be available on purple and clear Gatefold LP, while Lost Tales will be released on a 10” black LP for the first time ever.

A limited edition flag will be included with bundles. Additionally, there will be new, limited merchandise coming soon - a must have for every fan!

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