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Swedish Death Rock Trio THE VICE Premiere New Video Clip For "A Barren State"!

Filthy and powerful yet musical and full of grooves - With their 2020 unleashed album, entitled White Teeth Rebellion (Noble Demon), Swedish death metal band THE VICE have released a hell-ish angst affair between the light and dark. Being well aware of how to invade the darker side of your soul, the band's sophomore opus turned out to be a gloomy, meanasfuck rock and metal album, truly with the band members hearts on its sleeves.

In support of their latest full-length record, THE VICE just shared a brand new music video for the album opening track. Watch the clip for "A Barren State" here:

"'The tremors spread throughout the plains..'

'A Barren State' kickstarts our latest album 'White Teeth Rebellion' in a roaring fashion. A full frontal rockandfuckingroll assault clad in a sinister metal gown. Heads down, horns up and let the second act commence" the band states.

White Teeth Rebellion was released on August 7th 2020 on Noble Demon.

The album is available HERE



2.A Barren State

3.White Teeth Rebellion

4.Empty Halls

5.Run To Seed

6.Cradle And To Ease

7.To Each His Own




Rickard - Vocals & Guitars

Charlie - Bass

Petter - Drums

Find THE VICE online:

Find NOBLE DEMON online:

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