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Sydney Metalcore Newcomers SUGAR SPINE Release Scathing New Single 'Mirror Talk'

Sydney metalcore newcomers Sugar Spine have just dropped the title track from their debut EP 'Mirror Talk' due for release on Friday, April 22nd. This scathing new single is densely packed with flesh-melting fretwork, pummeling rhythms and spine-shrinking breakdowns that capture the very crux of heavy music. The listener is lulled into a false sense of security before being abruptly projectiled into a maelstrom of thrashy riffs and caustic vocals, evoking the unrelenting fury of heavyweights such as Slipknot & Knocked Loose. Lyrically this track calls out the duality of narcissism hiding behind a fragile façade of false beliefs and condescension. As the title track on their highly anticipated upcoming EP, 'Mirror Talk' showcases a great deal of intensity and sonic assault in its vicious yet captivating runtime of just over three minutes. “This track is definitely a favourite off of the EP for me,” says Josh Muncke, the mind behind the project. “It starts off super angelic in an almost ‘too good to be true’ kind of way, but it’s not long before the real Sugar Spine explodes. The track is aggressive as all hell, full of lyrical thought and intention. “Mirror Talk” is definitely something to grab attention, and I think it will.” " With well-rounded screams akin to that of Caleb Shomo on Beartooth‘s debut Sick EP and riff-city sounds from start to end – this really isn’t a song for the faint-hearted. The blast beats are full, the frantic instrumentals never once come across too much and for a new band, I see so much potential as Sugar Spine grows" Wall Of Sound. Born out of the creative captivity of quarantine and self-isolation during the pandemic, Sugar Spine isn't as sweet as it sounds. Within one month of releasing their debut single ‘Go Outside’, Sugar Spine landed on the Spotify's "New Core" editorial playlist and amassed over 15,000 views on YouTube. Coming hot off the back of their latest single 'Gutter Paint', Sugar Spine have been garnering worldwide coverage and airplay including features on Wall of Sound, Sonic Perspectives, Heavy Mag, The Circle Pit & more. Though the group is new to the scene, they have been gaining recognition amongst music fans and critics alike further cementing why Sugar Spine are primed to be one of the finest acts in the Australian metalcore breed. ‘Mirror Talk’ is the title track for Sugar Spine's debut EP and is out now via The EP ‘Mirror Talk’ is available for Digital Pre-orders via SUGAR SPINE ONLINE

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