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Sydney Pop-Rock Sensations 51st AVENUE Unveil Electrifying New Single 'Release'

51st AVENUE Sydney Pop-Rock Sensations Unveil Electrifying New Single 'Release'

Sydney electronic-pop & heavy rock outfit 51st Avenue unveil their latest anthem “Release” diving into the comic-book world to create a cinematic experience of super-heroic proportions.

Shapeshifting between modern rock & pop genres, 'Release' is an eruption of electricity drawing you in from the very start with an energetic hook. Anthemic choruses oozing with attitude and vibrance are punctuated with spacious passages that allow the song to move, breathe and expand with an organic and authentic flow. Exhilarating guitars, an energetic rhythm section peppered with upbeat synth lines come together to conjure up a colourful soundscape for Vocalist Alynnis Zizza's catchy melodies.

'Release' is a genre transfiguring tune with high quality production and ever present pop-rock sensibilities flaunting Zizza's impressive vocal range that effortlessly oscillates between softer tones and resonant belts reminiscent of PVRIS and Stand Atlantic.

Frontwoman Alynnis Zizza speaks: “With the superhero and metahuman craze on the absolute high (and having a slight obsession with Batman and Robin), ‘Release’ places you right in the middle of that introspective comic book spread. Putting you back into your childhood self, when you wanted to be every awesome superhero as well as every badass super villain. Sometimes our grown up problems feel bigger than they are and can only be solved by our inner superheroes.”

Set out to create a sonically diverse sound infusing electronic, pop and rock genres, 51st Avenue treat listeners to catchy hooks, cinematic synths, crushing guitars, groovy drum & bass patterns underpinning their honest and real approach to lyrical writing about the struggles of loss, love & loneliness. Their latest singles 'Don't Want Me' & 'Let Me Go' have been garnering global coverage and airplay including features on Short Fast Loud, The Faction & Wall Of Sound. With an EP and two singles under their collective belt, 51st Avenue have established themselves as Sydney's leading pop-rock artist which has seen them perform alongside homegrown aficionados such as Hands Like Houses, Young Lions, Start Your Own Cult and many more.

In the midst of the 2021 lockdowns, 51st Avenue turned their sights to the online world, where they have created a tight-knit community across Twitch and Discord who regularly tune in for an evening of entertainment. With their recent signing to Australia's premier alternative artist management agency Hard Drive Agency and a plethora of innovative new material, 51st Avenue are poised to leave their mark upon the Australian music scene in 2022.

'Release' is Out Now via


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