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Symphonic Metal Powerhouse TEMPERANCE Releases Captivating New Album Title Track “Diamanti”

Symphonic Metal Powerhouse TEMPERANCE Releases Captivating New Album Title Track “Diamanti”

New Album, Diamanti, Out This Friday via Napalm Records

Pre-Order NOW!

Watch the Music Video for “Diamanti” HERE

[photo credit: Tim Tronckoe]

After releasing “Pure Life Unfolds” & “Breaking The Rules Of Metal”, symphonic metal powerhouse TEMPERANCE reveals their upcoming album’s title track “Diamanti”. With the third single, the band enters the final round before the eponymous album arrives.

On “Diamanti”, TEMPERANCE show off their versatile skillset with a mix of heavy guitar riffs, orchestral strings and the vocal harmonies of its authentic Italian chorus. As a special highlight and to celebrate their new album, the band will release this song in five different versions. Besides the Italian original which is out today, the track will come with a chorus in different languages (German, English, Spanish and French) to be available at digital streaming and download platforms on the album release date. TEMPERANCE delights the fans with their perfect mixture melodic and symphonic soundscapes. “Diamanti” is yet just another example of the band's ability to create an epic tale for their listeners, accompanied by powerful and energetic vocals.

Michele Guaitoli (vocals, piano) on the new single:

“We’ve always thought that diamonds are the purest gems in this world. They’re indestructible and their value is huge. There’s something else that is that pure, that can’t be bent or broken and with an extremely huge value: hope.

The diamonds that are raining in this beautiful song are hopes for a better world, hopes for our dreams to come true, hopes for peace and joy. And since hopes are timeless and have no borders, we wanted to make this song flow through many languages. We wanted to use the language of music, which I represent in the video, the language of nature, which Marco represents in the video, the language of arts and beauty, which Alessia represents in the video… and we wanted everyone to understand the meaning of this song, even those who cannot listen to it, but who can use their eyes to read the message. Hopes are forever, hopes are for everyone.”

Check out the music video for “Diamanti” HERE:

Diamanti was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Epica, Amaranthe), with the cover artwork once again created by Yann Souetre (Ayreon).

Marco Pastorino (vocals, guitar) on the new album:

“With Diamanti, we’ve managed to combine our best qualities and select the best TEMPERANCE songs so far. It's not our heaviest album, it's not our fastest work, but surely it's our favourite one so far!

We weren't necessarily supposed to record a new album only one year after Viridian, but luckily we made it! In this album you will find our trademarks: the vocal harmonies, the catchy melodies, but also epic stuff, strong arrangements, and long tracks - I am very proud of Diamanti and I am convinced we have written a bombastic album!”


  1. Pure Life Unfolds

  2. Breaking The Rules of Heavy Metal

  3. Diamanti

  4. Black Is My Heart

  5. Litany Of The Northern Lights

  6. You Only Live Once

  7. I The Loneliness

  8. Codebreaker

  9. The Night Before The End

  10. Fairy Tales For The Stars

  11. Let's Get Started

  12. Follow Me

Diamanti will be available in the following formats

  • 1 - CD Digipak

  • 2 - LP Gatefold BLACK

  • 2 - LP Gatefold CURAÇAO SEA

  • 2 - LP Gatefold DIAMOND CLEAR

  • Digital Album

DIAMANTI Album Release show

20/11/2021 Mantova, IT @ Milady Metal Festival*

As TARJA's special guest

02/02/2022 Glasgow, UK @ Garage

03/02/2022 Wolverhampton, UK @ KK's Steel Mill

04/02/2022 Milton Keynes, UK @ Craufurd Arms**

05/02/2022 Manchester, UK @ Academy

06/02/2022 London, UK @ Electric Ballroom

07/02/2022 Paris, FR @ La Cigale

09/02/2022 Strasbourg, FR @ La Laiterie Artefact

10/02/2022 Lyon, FR @ Transbordeur

11/02/2022 Milan, IT @ Live Club

13/02/2022 Marseille, FR @ Espace Julien

14/02/2022 Barcelona, ES @ Sala Apolo

15/02/2022 Madrid, ES @ Teatro Kapital

16-20/02/2022 ES**

02/03/2022 Lyss, CH @ KuFa

04/03/2022 Ljubljana, SL @ Kino Siska

05/03/2022 Vienna, AT @ Szene

06/03/2022 Munich, DE @ Backstage

08/03/2022 Nürnberg, DE @ Hirsch

09/03/2022 Leipzig, DE @ Hellraiser

10/03/2022 Berlin, DE @ Columbia Theater

11/03/2022 Eisenhüttenstadt, DE @ RockHütte**

12/03/2022 Mannheim, DE @ MS Connexion Complex

13/03/2022 Herford, DE @ X

14/03/2022 Hamburg, DE @ Fabrik

16/03/2022 Bochum, DE @ Matrix

17/03/2022 Nijmegen, NL @ Doornroosje

18/03/2022 Haarlem, NL @ Patronaat

19/03/2022 Roeselare, BE @ De Verlichte Geest**

20/03/2022 Trier, DE @ Mergener Hof**

* Festival

** Headline show

Headlining the International Women of Rock Unity Tour 2022

24/03/2022 Manchester/Oldham, UK @ Whittles

25/03/2022 Wolverhampton, UK @ Giffard Arms

26/03/2022 Treforest, UK @ Green Rooms

27/03/2022 Norwich, UK @ Brickmakers

29/03/2022 London, UK @ Underworld

31/03/2022 Edinburgh, UK @ Bannermans

01/04/2022 Leeds, England @ Wharf Chambers

02/04/2022 Darlington, UK @ The Majestic

03/04/2022 Hull, UK @ O'Rileys

07/04/2022 Mannheim, DE @ 7er Club

08/04/2022 Oberhausen, DE @ Resonanzwerk

09/04/2022 Wetzikon, CH @ Hall of Fame

10/04/2022 Brno, CZ @ Melodka

12/04/2022 Kaunas, LT @ Klubas Lemmy

13/04/2022 Riga, LV @ Melna Piektdiena,

14/04/2022 Minsk, BY @ Brugge

16/04/2022 Dabrowa Gornicza, PL @ Rock Out Club

17/04/2022 Lviv, UKR @ Kotelnja Ruin Bar

18/04/2022 Kosice, SK @ Colosseum Club

19/04/2022 Ostrava, CZ @ Barrack Club

22/04/2022 Maribor, SL @ TBA

23/04/2022 Mantova, IT @ Arci Tom

24/04/2022 Rovellasca, IT @ Dedolor


Alessia Scolletti - vocals

Michele Guaitoli - vocals, piano

Marco Pastorino - vocals, guitar

Luca Negro - bass guitar

Alfonso Mocerino - drums


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