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T-Rex Marathon Pay Homage To Alexisonfire w/ Video "A Prison Just For Us"

T-Rex Marathon Pay Homage To Canadian Post-Hardcore Pioneers Alexisonfire With Video "A Prison Just For Us"

Video Premiere via PunkNews

Debut Album “Days Without Incident” Out Now!

L-R- Alex Hodges (guitar, vocals), Jeremy Toppings (bass, vocals), Darien Swolfs (drums), Adam Sakauye (lead vocals), Aaron Stafford (guitar, vocals)

Ottawa’s punk/post-hardcore act T-Rex Marathon released their debut album "Days Without Incident" on October 16th. On the full length, the band wrote a love track to one of their collectively favourite Canadian bands Alexisonfire. Entitled "A Prison Just For Us", the song's structure and feel pay homage to AoF’s track “Accidents” and if it were to be described in one word, it would be atmosphere for its interesting production techniques and slightly improvisational guitar parts.

Today, the band have teamed up with PunkNews for the premiere of the track's lyric video, which can be viewed HERE.

The band adds:

“This song was written as an homage of sorts to Canadian post-hardcore pioneers Alexisonfire. AoF was, and still is, a huge influence on this band's music. This song is a band favourite because it stands apart from the other songs on the album, featuring an emphasis on atmosphere and ambiance rather than punchy energy. This song might sound a little different from the others, but we do think it’s a great song that we think will really resonate with our listeners!”

For fans of Billy Talent, Alexisonfire, and A Day to Remember, T-Rex Marathon is out to prove they aren’t a one-trick pony with their first full length, which serves as a collection of everything they have been, will be, and currently are. The listening experience is a mix of nostalgia, reminiscent of the bands of their youth that they still love, and also intrigue. They have a goal of helping their fans reconcile their love of old bands and a glimpse of several other musical directions to explore, ultimately giving them a safe space to do so.

The band comments:

“We couldn’t be happier with this album. It’s the culmination of many years of growth, and we’re over the moon to finally show it to people. T-Rex Marathon attempted many times to write a full album before. It just never felt quite right, but after years of a shuffling lineup, changes in sound, and other roadblocks, we have a product we are incredibly proud of.

We have been described as many things, but one word kept coming up: Nostalgic. We had people from all over come and tell us that our music reminded them of their high school days. We were reminiscent of the music that introduced them in the communities they’re a part of today. We wanted to make an album that would feel familiar, yet novel. This album is a love letter to the bands that inspired us and a monument to the places we intend to go.

This album has something for everyone. As the five of us in the band, all come from different musical backgrounds, from punk to metal to musical theatre, this album covers a lot of ground, yet doesn’t feel like it’s drawn thin. But at the end of the day, we’re storytellers. We wanted to make a product that asks to be taken seriously, that demands active listening, that deserves your attention.

We hope that everyone else loves listening to it as much as we do.”

T-Rex Marathon's new album "Days Without Incident" is available on, Spotify, Apple Music.

Music Video - Sheltered - YouTube

Music Video - Faux News - YouTube

Track Listing:

1. All For Nothing (2:56)

2. No Words (4:56)

3. Faux News (3:05)

4. A Prison Just For Us (4:08)

5. Turnpike (4:06)

6. Pick Your Poison (4:58)

7. Misfits (4:24)

8. Sheltered (4:01)

9. Futures and Goodbyes (4:32)

10. 5 Centimeters Per Second (5:58)

Album Length: 43:09

For more info:


Starting out on the Ottawa metal/hardcore scene, T-Rex Marathon has adopted a unique sound that comes from a mix of Alternative Rock, Punk, and Post-Hardcore.

Formed by friends in high school, the band began to really take shape almost by accident and through dumb luck. The current lineup consists of Aaron Stafford (guitar/bass/keys/vocals), Adam Sakauye (lead vocals), Alex Hodges (guitar/bass/keys/vocals), Darien Swolfs (drums/percussion), and Jeremy Toppings (bass/vocals).

In a fiercely democratic writing process, every single member has input and a veto, sometimes resulting in a very long but completely organic process resulting in a synthesis of something everyone is happy with. As the band progresses, so does the love and attention that is put into each and everything they produce. The T-Rex Marathon family is and has always been, dedicated to making kick-ass music and leaving a mark in the industry, not only for them, but for their fans.

The boys in T-Rex, as the band is called for short, endlessly value their dedicated fans, affectionately known as Marathoners. After all, it is for them that they continue to write about what they want and play what feels right. T-Rex Marathon’s music is a simple blend of attack and melody that has the main goal of being not only fun to play, but fun to listen and rock out to.

The stage is a performing area, and this band refuses to give anything but their all at every show. They have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with bands such as: Of Burning Empires, Flesh Over Faith, Faithful Unto Death, and Project Mantra. They have also played Wretched Fest 1&3, Unite and Ignite 2012, 2014.

To date, the band has released 2 EPs Aurelia (2017), Eponymous (2016), and are readying to share with fans their first full length ” Days Without Incident ” due out October 16th, 2020.

"T-REX MARATHON has adopted a unique sound that comes from a mix of Alternative Rock, Punk, and Post-Hardcore... Today, we’re pleased to give you their brand new single “A Prison Just For Us”, exploring various influences, nodding to the classics, and delivering a bracing fusion of high energy and elegance." - IdiotEQ

"Rising Ottawa-based band T-Rex Marathon will see a release of their first full-length album, Days Without Incident, this year with songs chock full of the bands’ signature mix of melodic punk rock post-hardcore." - Ghost Cult Mag

"With "Days Without Incident", T-Rex Marathon have created a mighty debut work. The band has their own sound, plenty to say and enormous talent, the way into the clubs and ultimately stadiums of this world is certainly paved." - Artnoir

"T-Rex Marathon have put forth a strong, cohesive collection of songs, with enough diversity throughout to keep listeners engaged." Canadian Scene Cult

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