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Tentacles Industries - France’s SUNBEAM OVERDRIVE Streaming Next Single "Crimson Stains"

New Album “Diama” Out May 2023

Photo Credit - Elusive Daeva

France’s Sunbeam Overdrive was born from the ashes of Tom Abrigan And The Shrunken Heads, as a kind of solo progressive rock project. With additional members and more collaboration, the sound became more metal and less focused on guitar solos. Now with a solid identity under their belts their upcoming debut full-length “Diama”, the band is ready to expose their progressive and alternative new style. The ten tracks on the record take listeners through a gamut of emotions, and today, Sunbeam Overdrive presents their second single "Crimson Stains". The band explains the track in further in detail:

"On this song, the band starts with a faster more punk spirit, reminiscent of early Soundgarden or Pearl Jam albums, but with a more metal/progressive riffing. The lyrics are about the mental load and burden, and sometimes physical aggressions that women are faced with; based on the testimonies of many and only just trying to imagine how it feels like to live with such a disadvantage in a patriarchal world…"

Listen to "Crimson Stains" at

Sunbeam Overdrive provides an alternation between energetic moments with punk/rock’n’roll vibes, and more aerial, spiritual, and psychedelic phases of musical contemplations. Heavy riffing and on-point guitar solos, combined with versatile vocal styles and harmonies, and a sensation of block-compact sound. “Diama” is an adventure, and encourages fans to take an introspective look at their own experiences. It is recommended for fans of Tool, Periphery, The Human Abstract, and Cynic.

“Diama” was engineered and mixed by Tom Abrigan and mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima (Devin Townsend Project, Megadeth, Cynic, Pain of Salvation) at Tower Studio, France. The album will be released on May 12, 2023, by Tentacles Industries with distribution from Season of Mist.

Album pre-order is available at the following links:

Digital pre-save -

Lyric Video - Out of Plato's Cave -

Track Listing: 1. Ascending (1:47) 2. Diama (6:14) 3. Slave To The Void (5:14) 4. Crimson Stains (4:49) 5. Diamond Shape (7:10) 6. Junction: Buhl's Eye (1:20) 7. Deaf And Blind (4:47) 8. Shen (5:45) 9. Out Of Plato's Cave (5:05) 10. Hard Sun (5:49) 11. Fainted Core (Bonus Track - Live Acoustic) (6:08) Album Length: 54:08

Album and Live Band Line Up: Tom Abrigan - Guitars & Vocals Karim Arnaout – Vocals Laurent Duclouet – Drums Bruno Morgana - Bass For more info: | |

About: Founded around professional musicians in 2019 and hailing from Marseille, southern France, SUNBEAM OVERDRIVE is mixing progressive metal and '90s alternative rock. Hard at work since day one, the band quickly released its first 3-track EP and performed their very first show at the famous German Euroblast Festival in October 2019. Sunbeam Overdrive was about to hit the stages when the Covid-19 pandemic started... In turn, and after a few line-up movements, they started producing their first full-length album "Diama", to be released worldwide in 2023.

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