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Terrorential: Dropped Lyric Video for Unleash & To Release New Album Visions on March 15th

Terrorential: Dropped Lyric Video for Unleash & To Release New Album Visions on March 15th

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TERRORENTIAL, Australian Thrash/Death Metal outfit hailing from Sydney, released a brand new lyric video Unleash showcasing their first single off of their much anticipated debut album "Visions"! Visions will be released Worldwide independently on March 15th of 2021! This release definitely requires some neck muscle warm ups!

For all fans of Obituary, Death, Kreator and alike... VISIONS is definitely an album to add to your wish list!!

The title track of the album "Visions" is about a dream that I had at about 19 years old where there was standing on a hill looking at a war going on and then I looked up at the sky a saw about 50 fighter jets flying in rows of ten or so, then out of know where there was a big white flash and all I could see was white, I could feel my body getting warmer and warmer and I could hear screams all around which then I started to think to myself "oh shit this is it, this is the bomb it's happened, this is how I'm going to die" and then and it was a very frightening dreamand also I thought it would make for some song writing. Says Larry Papura


Larry Papura - Vocals & Guitar

Travis Walker - Guitar & Backing Vocals

Triz Wahington - Drums

Alex Yelistratov - Bass

Terrorential was formed in 2010 by high school mates, Larry Papura (vocals/guitar) & Triz Washington (drums). For years the two would jam songs by Children of Bodom, Metallica & Carcass before they started writing original tunes.

For the first two years, Terrorential cut their teeth in the scene as a solid opening act and in 2011 and started to play headlining spots including, Australia Day @ St. Mary’s, Hard Rock Unsigned and placing 1st in 2 rounds of the Burgess Bookings Band Comp. During this time Terrorential recorded 4 free demo EPs and officially released the One For One EP in 2012. They spent the next two years playing live shows with a rotating line of members. Larry & Triz would never cancel a show, committed to performing even when a full band was unavailable.

In 2014 the bands line up was completed, starting with the addition of Travis Walker (guitar), a then 17 year old prodigy who required parental supervision at gigs before he was legally allowed into licensed venues.

Around the same time the line up was completed with a new bass player at the time assisting them as best as he could. With their line up some what complete, Terrorential released the Flood The Earth EP in 2015 while playing a number of shows across Sydney & Newcastle, frequently headlining at Valve Bar and at Dime Day 2015 at the Lewisham Hotel.

Terrorential have also received airplay in the USA from Shredding Metal Beasts & frequent airplay from Metal Messiah Radio.

Unfortunately the in late June of 2018 the bass player got offended & left the band, and Terrorential were once again left without a bass player, which did not stop them from playing gigs but it did mean that the album had to be put on hold for the time being. The band got fed up with not being able to find suitable bass player and Larry, Trav decided to write and record the bass lines themselves as the old bass players recordings was nowhere near acceptable for the albums release and after 6 months the recordings were finally completed. As luck had it within about a month after Terrorential were joined by Alex to fill the position of Bass player. Alex's arrival suited the band straight away and it looks like Terrorential's line up is finally complete (after 10fucking years lol)

Terrorential are ready to bring the brutality to crowds across Australia. With a full solid line up now complete and an album release in 2021, Terrorential are shaking the walls like an oncoming storm! (well, when the restrictions are over lol)

Terrorential - Unleash (Lyric Video)


1. Prelusion

2. Logical Terror

3. Warrior

4. One For One

5. Flood The Earth

6. Goddamn Thrashing

7. Dreamescape

8. I'm Fucking Drunk...,!

9. Unleash

10. Visions

11. Terrorential

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