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Testarossa Release "Knocking Outside Your Door"

Rockers Testarossa Release their New Single/Video "Knocking Outside Your Door"

with TLG Entertainment

Testarossa is back with their killer brand of rock that raunch and rolls the bootie over their wicked lyrics, guitars, and drums with "Knocking Outside Your Door" all done with a message that hits the heart. Testarossa bleeds real rock - it is a pure unadulterated roll. "Knocking Outside Your Door" tells a true story through the eyes and ears of what happened along the way and how a simple gesture of kindness can turn a corner for another being.

Testarossa is always full pedal to the floor in sound and stage presence - never lacking in upping the RPMs to Rock-n-roll Power Madness Sonically! From their single/video "Mother Lover", feat. Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria, to their latest release, "Knocking Outside Your Door" -Testarossa is the band you bring to your party but not the band you introduce to your mother... unless she's just as rowdy as you are!

Check out their latest and stay tuned for more coming up!

"Suicide prevention is close to our hearts, all the proceeds made from downloads of "Knocking Outside Your Door" will be donated to the suicide prevention hotline." - Testarossa

Testarossa - "Knocking Outside Your Door"

"The song is based on a real event. Blake’s (Bassist) brother (Justin) was driving in the pouring rain when he noticed a kid in his work uniform walking beside the road. Feeling like he should help the kid out, Justin offered him a ride. The kid said yes and jumped in the car to get out of the weather. Justin made small talk with the passenger and even stopped at a gas station to get him a coffee. The kid said he was headed to work, so Justin then proceeded to take him to his workplace. As the kid stepped out of the car, he pulled a gun. Justin was startled as the kid said, “I was going to kill myself in the bathroom stall at work, but you giving me a ride completely changed my outlook on things. Thanks man.” The kid shut the door and walked away.

So the moral of this real event is, you never know the impact you can have on someone’s life on any given day. Treating people with kindness can literally save their life." - Testarossa

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by - Joe Potts and Shaun Singerling. Video directed by Wes Cobb and Joe Potts


Testarossa is a four-piece, no-frills rock-n-roll band that hearkens back to simpler times. Driven by straightforward drum beats, thumping bass lines, borderline pretentious guitar solos, and AC/DC'esque vocals, Testarossa’s songs ooze confidence and machismo. Their singular focus is to write songs you can drink, fight, or make love to. Although a rock-n-roll band through and through, their hooks and choruses are more contagious than covid-19, approaching territory that is usually dominated by pop music. Lyrical content covers everything from drug abuse, unrequited love, partying, suicide, lovemaking, and — did I say partying? Testarossa is loud and braggadocios and wants nothing more than the audience to have a good time with the band. Testarossa makes the crowds shake like a bad ball joint in your stepdad’s Z28 Camaro. They ain’t trying to reinvent the wheel, they just want to re-inflate it.

Band Members - Colten Bell - Lead Vocals/Guitar

Buddy Radford - Drums/Backing Vocals

Blake Webb - Bass/Backing Vocals

Jordan West - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

Testarossa - "Rock- N-Roll"

Testarossa feat. Danny Warsnop "Mother Lover"

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