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The 450s Release Third Single for “Lust And Denial” Today, Video Available on Youtube Now!

The 450s Release Third Single for “Lust And Denial” Today, Video Available on Youtube Now!

The 450s “Lust And Denial” Official Music Video - Louder Than Loud Records

US based rock group THE 450s releases the third advance single “Lust And Denial” today! This track is taken from the upcoming self-titled album release “The 450s” which will be released on November 19th, 2021 via LOUDER THAN LOUD RECORDS, available for pre-order via this link:

WATCH the video for “Lust And Denial” here: discussing THE 450s, "The 450s really do have something special going on!"

THE 450s is a new American Rock band featuring The Rods’ Carl Canedy on drums. The line-up is completed by James Jacobs (St. James) on guitar, Robert Jacobs (St. James) on bass, Ryan Sambrook on keyboards and Rhett, a veteran of major labels, on vocals.

When the quartet got together in Miami at the time the chemistry was effortless, the resultant songs so strong that they caught the ear of legendary producer Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Patti Smith), who went the extra mile in mixing the album, highlighting The 450’s inherent musical tension and dynamics. Chris Collier (Korn, Prong) also worked on the mixing/production, helping to hone the “modern” part of The 450’s “modern vintage” vibe.

The 450s bring an old-school band ethic to bear: No resting on laurels, no copping styles from their forefathers; no pre-fab or pre-conceived anything. “We got together in a room and turned everything up real loud,” they explain. “We jammed and recorded what came out. Ultimately, it’s “about creating this group of songs out of nowhere for no reason other than it’s what we all love to do.”

Track Listing:

1. Flowers For Columbine

2. Black Tar

3. Lucy Walk Away

4. Lust And Denial

5. Gracie Is It Heavy

6. Drown

7. One King

8. Lost Girl Confused

9. Crawl

10. She’s My Morphine

11. The Suspect

12. When God Won’t Forgive You

The 450s Are: Rhett – vocals

James Jacobs – guitar

Robert Jacobs – bass

Carl Canedy – drums

Ryan Sambrook – keyboards

About Louder Than Loud Records LOUDER THAN LOUD RECORDS is a new Heavy Metal label founded by the two industry veterans Giles Lavery and Carl Canedy.

Based in Germany & the USA LOUDER THAN LOUD RECORDS will focalize to sign and develop new talent, not just established acts, as well as acquire back-catalog and re- issue classic titles. The label’s first signing is the new, exciting band THE 450’s.

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