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The Anmer releases their second studio album "Gates of Midnight"

The Anmer releases their second studio album "Gates of Midnight"

The Anmer releases their second studio album “Gates of Midnight”, giving life to Pedro Zomer's first compositions for the band. The first version, released in 2018 under the name “Look at Midnight”, has been completely rearranged, bringing a completely new experience. The Progressive Rock/Heavy Metal album tries to bring a mystical aesthetic, mixing many elements of Norse/Celtic mythology and the Tolkien universe.

The songs on the album have the themes of peace, love, self-centeredness, ideological blindness and questioning of material life. The compositions have many influences from bands like Black Sabbath, Ghost, The Who, Aerosmith, Yes, Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, among others. The album was produced by Pedro Zomer, in his studio Zomer Records and had the participation of all members of the band: Pedro Zomer: Vocal and Solo Guitar, Gabriel Belato: Drums, Leo Bomche: Base Guitar, João Baroni: Bass and Bruno Barleta: Keyboard.

The Anmer is a Brazilian Progressive Rock/Stoner Rock band formed in the city of São Paulo, in 2018. Its current line-up is made up of five young musicians, influenced by classic bands such as Black Sabbath, Rush Supertramp, Yes, Genesis, The Who, Jethro Tull, ACDC etc. Currently has a studio album and an EP. The Anmer will release their second studio album “Gates of Midnight” in November. Their songs have played for a long time on Kiss FM and 89 A Radio Rock. In 2019, the band was a finalist at the Time4Music festival, winning the award for best copyrighted music.

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