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The Beautiful Losers - Bar - (Rock N Roll)

The Beautiful Losers - "Bar" (Rock N Roll)

Based in France, ' The Beautiful Losers' delved into the Rock n Roll scene quite a while ago, branded with red hot steel and electrified by guitar riffs. It was only long after their teenage years that their leader decided to make his own album, with a few associates and whatever means available.

Seriously though, ' The Beautiful Losers' aren’t here to tell you the story of their lives, they are here to pay tribute to the virtues of Rock n Roll and for all the ' Rock n Roll Warriors' out on the roads, with equipment crammed into their vehicles, ready to go out and play in all the most far back bars, where the last free places of social melting pots still exist! Where sharing and contacts between people of different social backgrounds are still possible, far from all the cold soulless misery of social interactions in which our world has fallen into.

Rock n Roll has this power of transmitting energy, to make us all stronger, irreverent, untamable, powerful, foul mouthed, foolish, and in one word “FREE” !!

So lets be and stay free! Lets not be afraid of who we are, or want to be! This album is dedicated to all the “ROCK N ROLL HEROES” who have touched my life, to all those that had the balls to go beyond norms and models imposed by our society, to all those that tried and got trashed, to all those that thought the impossible to be so unreachable, lets just simply say: “To all those that don’t want any regrets !!!” - The Beautiful Losers

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