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Emma Garell Band New Single/Video "BAD INTENTIONS" with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves/SongRiverPR

The Emma Garell band have returned to the scene with their latest single/video "Bad Intentions". Taking time during this pandemic afforded the band a gift of songwriting, recording, and producing their sound, honing in closer yet to who they are clearly defining to be. "Bad Intentions" brings the sultry pop vibes to the sensual rock mode - a marriage that subsequently embodies the lead vocalist, Emma Garell. Undeniably Emma is a talent that knows no limits in her vocal abilities and stage presence. Embracing the likes of Jim Morrison on stage in appeal to the vocals of Lana del Rey and at times Emmy Lou Harris as Emma can flip through the Blues, Rock, Metal, Classic Rock, Indie, Americana, Folk, Pop with ease... like a gentle butterfly kissing each note as she takes command. Along with her band and album due out this year, the road to playing live and writing more music is wide-open.

“Emma’s vocal talents call to mind a mix of a young Lucinda Williams and Ani DiFranco with a ton of moxie and deep lyrics.” “Definite throwback Lilith Fair vibes!” --Keith Chachkes, Ghost Cult Magazine

“Emma Garell Embodies the Siren” “...commanding presence that curls over a slinky guitar riff”. “...with her trademark bellowing croon, one that cuts deep with a harrowing resonance”.--Doug Nunnally, The Auricular

“If you like bands like Sound Garden, ...Blondie..., Lana del Rey and ...Flyleaf...I think you will really like Emma Garell”. --Curvy Metal, NuMetal Reactions


“Bad Intentions,” the sound this song encapsulates is like an amalgamation of light Bloc Party (definitely Silent Alarm era), Paramore, Garbage, and a dash of some classic rock influence thrown in mostly on the maybe some Blue Oyster Cult type beat. There’s definitely 70’s hard rock flair on the song overall. But those other sounds kind of rest in my ears. It has the catchy, dancey, memorable nature you’d hear from hits by Bloc Party and Paramore, hell even Garbage. But, it also has that musician-friendly obscurity and finesse to it that still makes it stick out and simultaneously give reminiscence to the “old school rock n roll” types.” --Dylan Lawson, guitarist

Emma Garell grew up using her singing voice to speak for her. She lulls the listener into a sense of whispered magic, then out of nowhere, she belts with the power of the greats. Having a wide range of vocal gifts, you won’t be surprised to hear a wide array of musical styling, all within the power of a haunting voice.

Backed by a talented crew stemming from a variety of genres. Doom metalist Cody Mausolf on drums, classic rocker Camden Harrahy & symphonic metal head Dylan Lawson on guitar, and funky DJ Sammy P. Stiles on bass.

Produced by Todd Wright, Studio - Half King Music Productions, Video - Cody Mausolf/TLP Video Production, Special guest guitarist - Dylan Lawson

Social Links:

Twitter - @emmagarell

Thank you to Todd Wright, Cody Mausolf, Dylan Lawson, Sammy P Styles, Mitchel Evan, Jeff Garell, Melanie Garell, Robert Iannacone, The Label Group/INgrooves, and SongRiverPR/CowGirlZenEntertainment.

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