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The Limit (Bobby Liebling & Sonny Vincent) - Interview 2021 - The Zach Moonshine Show

The Limit Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show

Bobby Liebling & Sonny Vincent from 'The Limit' join The Zach Moonshine Show to to talk about the new album 'Caveman Logic'! We talk about their history in Pentagram and Testors and some pretty crazy questions from the live audience! We play new music from the record as well as many other new releases and classics from Samsara Blues Experiment, Purple Hill Witch, Dunbarrow, Pentagram, Sonny Vincent/Testors, Velvet Insane, Cirith Ungol, Witches Of God, Shrinebuilder, DARKANE, Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes, Inkarnation, Revelt, The Spacelords, Devil, and Saint Karloff!

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Erick Leviathan from Misanthropik Torment and the owner of Misanthropik Records joins us for a live interview answering fan submitted questions. We talk about his time in prison and his conviction. We talk about how he started the label and the upcoming Summer Of Madness Festival. We play new music from his band as well as new releases from Revolting, Ironbound, DEBAUCHERY, SOLSTICE, Kriegszittern, Ren Marabou, Bohemyst, Cemetery Echo, Consumption, PICTURED, Coscradh, Killing Addiction, LUCIFER'S HAMMER, Mephitic Grave, RITUAL SACRIFICE, Cynik Scald, ZOE, No Picky, Stygian Fair, Sepulcros, The Flight of Sleipnir, Coagulate. We also play some classics by request from Six Feet Under, Pantera, and Ted Nugent!

'Utopia Press' joins The Zach Moonshine Show to to talk about the new self titled album! We play several tracks from the new album as well as new releases from Bewitcher, Demiser, Goat Sanctuary, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, Misanthropik Torment, Timeless Haunt, The Eyesores, Mos Generator, Steak, The Limit, Wode, VREID, Vulture, GOREGÄNG, Sucking Leech, Midnight Dice, Necralant, Vulture Lord, DECAPITATED, Bala, Aeon of Eternal, The Age Of Ore, Endless Void, Night Crowned, Pharaoh, Trauma, Cynik Scald, Ungfell and battle of the bands winners Ad Meliora! We also played some classic's by request from Blue Oyster Cult and Machine Head!

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