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The Sacred New Single Release "All Right" with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves

The Sacred New Single Release "All Right" with TLG ENTERTAINMENT/INgrooves

HE SACRED burn it down loud and proud with their single release "All Right". The Sacred are a quad that have studied and honed in on the classic hard rock and metal sounds while bringing their own unique style to their guitar work and heavy drum sets. A motion that awaits the ear and is ready to embrace the concert scene for horns up fans everywhere!

"All Right" is a righteous calling out that shows the grit, and melodic rock is still in full motion!

There are lots of tough situations in life - intense emotions, heart wrenching decisions, forks in the road. Whether you wrap your car around a tree, fall out of love, or the world bleeds you dry - there is an answer to it all. Journey through a song that speaks to the heart of us all and reminds us that the world will be "All Right".- The Scared

Caleb Sherman (Mix Engineer @ Cygnus Sound), Anthony Focx (Mastering Engineer @ A. Focx Productions), Greg P. Yates (Videographer @ Rotgut Productions) Diogo Soares (Album Artist @ Soares Artwork), Ryan Hillier (Photographer @ Revelator Photography).

“The Sacred” is a four-piece rock act hailing from Nashville, TN. Bringing new energy to the scene with their fierce dedication, powerful riffs, and melodic songwriting. Reminiscent of the rock bands of old - heavy guitars, thunderous drums, and tunes that speak to the spirit of us all.

Here to pay homage to those who came before them, by leaving their own musical footprint - they are Trent Jones (Lead Vocalist, Rhythm Guitar), Ethan Gilbert (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Zakk DuBois (Drums, Vocals) and Danielle Finch (Bass, Vocals) - friends, teammates, family.

Join The Sacred as they complete their debut album 'Garuda'

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