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The Word66 - On The Way To The Promise Land - (Christian Rock)

The Word66 - "On The Way To Promise Land" (Christian Rock)

A Christian rock band on a mission to spread the word with rocking melodies and positive lyrics, coming from a place deep within their hearts, and led by the Holy Spirit. The trio was formed in 2018 by founding veteran guitarist Steve Scott. The band has just released their debut single "On the way to the promise land." With several more to follow. The single is inspired by "the good book" and is being well received and added to many radio station playlists. Interviews and press in the works.

They are currently seeking management and a record deal.

Edgy with a touch of commercial acceptability, the Christian rock band , The Word66 is bringing to you it's catchy melodies and thought provocative lyrics with there debut single. Founding member Steve Scott had lost his way from the church and his love for playing music for many years until God brought him back to fulfill this purpose.

Each song has it's own heartfelt message that fellow brothers and sisters will relate to with a deep understanding moved to sing along. They are both excited and honored to share with you what God has allowed them to create to glorify his name.

Follow the band at these links:

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