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The Zach Waters Band - "Up & Running"

Remember when all that mattered was girls, girls, girls, and how big your hair shook as you strutted down the street. An ode to the Sunset Strip, La La Land’s prime time golden age of hair, girls, sleazy guitar licks, and a bad boy attitude into the microphone.

The Zach Waters Band’s “Up and Running” puts out some tracks so familiar to the ear that it takes you on a ride in your parents’ old station wagon with a Slaughter cassette in the 8-track. It has that grime, sleaze, and snarl from the 80s that lights a fire inside from their crunched, distorted guitar riffs, solos and guitar screeches with a wah pedal, and overdrive giving liquid solos into the song.

Drinking whiskey, talking about girls, and being pissed off. Imagine if 1984 did a time warp and jumped to the modern day. Imagine a time capsule that captured the 80s but got destroyed and had to be rebuilt from scratch, or it would be lost to time. It would sound something like “Up and Running”.

Not only do they keep the fast-paced sleeve groove going, but with a track like “Hole in the Road”, it has that slow jam-like guitar solo intro, slow and harmonizing vocals of the hair metal slow jam, with the power chord punch it packs in the verse. Then comes the pinpointed guitar solo, and it dances around the fretboard like you would think of Van Halen, the drums pounding those hi-hats to a thump in your heart.

The Zach Waters Band, with their new release, wants you to hop in across the hood with your faded jeans, tank top, and shoulder tattoos in a Trans-Am that'll take you through the stratosphere.

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